Elizabeth Jane Corbett

The Desert Nurse

By Pamela Hart - Published 2018


Although Evelyn Northey desperately wants to be a doctor, her father will not allow it, holding back her inheritance―which would enable her ...Read Review

Book of Colours

By Robyn Cadwallader - Published 2018



In the year 1320, in anticipation of a major family inheritance, Lady Mathilda commissions a book of hours: an exquisite book, to raise the ...Read Review

The Beast’s Garden

By Kate Forsyth - Published 2015


Since the death of her mother, Ava Falkenhorst, singer and daughter of an eminent psychiatrist, has been raised alongside her Jewish friend, Rupert ...Read Review

Heart of the Country

By Tricia Stringer - Published 2015



In the year 1846, Thomas Baker finds himself alone in South Australia, having lost his mother prior to departure and his father on the ...Read Review

The Golden Widows

By Isolde Martyn - Published 2014



In the aftermath of the second battle of St Albans, two young noblewomen find themselves widowed. One is Katherine Neville, widow of the ...Read Review

Leap the Wild Water

By Jenny Lloyd - Published 2013



Eli Jenkins has returned and Megan Jones intends to marry him, to turn back the clock and undo the bitter consequences of her ...Read Review