Elizabeth Hawksley

The Exiles

By Christina Baker Kline - Published 2020


1840. Exiles opens with Mathinna, an aboriginal child, who has been taken in by the Governor of Australia’s wife as a ‘curiosity’; how ...Read Review

Margaret Llewelyn Davies: With Women for a New World

By Ruth Cohen - Published 2020



Margaret Llewelyn Davies (1861-1944) was an inspirational campaigner for women’s causes who, as general secretary of the Women’s Co-operative Guild for 32 ...Read Review

The Last Greek (Commander)

By Christian Cameron - Published 2020



210 BCE. The Achaean League, an alliance of Greek City States originally founded for mutual protection against encircling Spartans, Macedons and Romans, is fragmenting. ...Read Review

The Girl Who Came From Rags

By Gracie Hart - Published 2019



Leeds, 1869. This book, the third in the series, follows the fortunes of Eliza Wild, once a half-starved child from a mining family, and ...Read Review

A Christmas Gift

By Katie Flynn - Published 2019



Liverpool, 1939, and Britain is now at war with Germany. 16-year-old Lizzy Atherton is desperate to get herself and her vulnerable mother away from ...Read Review

The Unseen Hand (Home Front Detective)

By Edward Marston - Published 2019



London 1917. In this, the eighth in Marston’s Home Front Detective series, Inspector Marmion and Sergeant Keedy find themselves saddled with an unusual ...Read Review

Workhouse Nightingale

By Holly Green - Published 2019


1850s. Dora Latimer, an illegitimate, mixed-race girl, is brought to England by her sea-captain father and brought up with his other children, to ...Read Review

The Falling Sword (Clash of Empires)

By Ben Kane - Published 2019



198 BC. The wolves of Macedon and Rome are circling, and the prize is Greece. Once a league of proud and independent city-states, Greece ...Read Review

In the Shadow of Heroes

By Nicholas Bowling - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

1st-century AD, Rome. The power-crazed Emperor Nero is determined to get his hands on the fabled Golden Fleece, and his armed guards will ...Read Review

The Bluebird Girls

By Rosie Archer - Published 2019


Hampshire 1939. World War II has started, and three young girls are about to have their worlds turned upside-down. Rainey and her mother are ...Read Review

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