Elisabeth Lenckos

I Couldn’t Love You More

By Esther Freud - Published 2021



I Couldn’t Love You More is a stirring portrayal of motherly love and familial and institutional abuse through the eyes of three ...Read Review

Yasodhara and the Buddha

By Vanessa R. Sasson - Published 2021



When Prince Siddhartha begins the series of pilgrimages that lead to his becoming the Buddha, he leaves behind his wife, who is pregnant ...Read Review

The City of Tears

By Kate Mosse - Published 2021


While Minou Reydon-Joubert, her Calvinist husband, Piet, and their children ready themselves for the journey to Paris, where the marriage between Henry III ...Read Review

Yellow Wife

By Sadeqa Johnson - Published 2021


Virginia, 1850. Beautiful and educated, enslaved Pheby Delores Brown looks forward to the day she turns eighteen, when she has been promised her freedom. ...Read Review

Those Who Are Saved

By Alexis Landau - Published 2021


Wealthy, educated, and attractive Vera, the heroine of Alexis Landau’s exquisite World War II novel, belongs to the select group of Russian é...Read Review

The Turncoat: A Novel

By John Cullen (trans.) - By Siegfried Lenz - Published 2020



1945. In a deadly primeval jungle, on the border to Byelorussia and Ukraine, at the farthest reaches of Eastern Europe, Walter Proska, a young ...Read Review

Sex with Presidents: The Ins and Outs of Love and Lust in the White House

By Eleanor Herman - Published 2020



Sex with Presidents tells the stirring stories of the women who became famous—and notorious—for bedding the incumbents of Washington’s White ...Read Review

Bronte’s Mistress: A Novel

By Finola Austin - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Critics have long argued that the iconic novels of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë are best understood against the descent into alcoholism and ...Read Review

Exile Music

By Jennifer Steil - Published 2020


When Germany annexes Austria in 1938, a young girl’s perfect childhood—filled with love, art, and storytelling—comes to an end. Since Orly’...Read Review

You Shall Not Kill

By Julia Navarro - Published 2019



Madrid, 1942. After Franco seizes power, childhood friends Fernando, Eulogio, and Catalina inherit a Spain marked by hate, cruelty, and greed. Whether Republican or ...Read Review

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