Elisabeth Lenckos

Leading Men

By Christopher Castellani - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

Leading Men achieves what historical fiction does best. Taking the spotlight from the famous protagonists in history, the novel projects its luminous beam ...Read Review

The Children of Jocasta

By Natalie Haynes - Published 2018



Another group of girls break their silence in this brilliant adaptation of the Oedipus myth, told from the perspective of its female protagonists. ...Read Review

Tony’s Wife

By Adriana Trigiani - Published 2018


Whether she will be ‘Tony’s wife,’ or her own, independent woman, is a decision Italian-American Chiara Donatelli has to make when she ...Read Review

We Must Be Brave

By Frances Liardet - Published 2019


This novel opens with one of the loveliest images in World War II literature: a small girl, “curled up, thumb in mouth,” and ...Read Review

Lady in Ermine: The Story of a Woman Who Painted the Renaissance

By Donna DiGiuseppe - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

What reader could not fall in love with a heroine—a female Renaissance painter, no less—as she strives to preserve the artistic ...Read Review


By David R. Gillham - Published 2019


Alternate HistoryBiographical Fiction

How we all wish that she had survived. That bright-eyed and brave child diarist, whose candid, wise-beyond-her years journal of her undercover exile ...Read Review

The Way of All Flesh

By Ambrose Parry - Published 2018



Edinburgh, 1847. Will Raven, a young obstetrician, cannot believe his good luck. He has beat out the competition and joined the practice of Dr. ...Read Review


By Sarah Perry - Published 2018



Beware the reader delving into the wondrous world of Sarah Perry’s Melmoth without the time to finish this breathtaking novel in one ...Read Review

So Much Life Left Over

By Louis de Bernières - Published 2018



Towards the end of this novel, which evokes the classics of Great War literature, an old lady reminisces with her cook about the ...Read Review

The Lost Pages

By Marija Pericic - Published 2018


Biographical FictionLiterary

Famous for his disregard of Kafka’s last request to burn his papers, Max Brod published The Trial, The Castle and Amerika—works ...Read Review