Elisabeth Lenckos

Paris, 7 A.M.

By Liza Wieland - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

Fiction steps in where a diary feared to tread. 1937, a year famously absent from the journals of Elizabeth Bishop—celebrated American poet and ...Read Review

The Secrets We Kept

By Lara Prescott - Published 2019



This double-edged thriller about the publication of Boris Pasternak’s Dr Zhivago, set in a world torn apart by the Iron Curtain, is ...Read Review

After the War

By Hervé Le Corre - By Sam Taylor (trans.) - Published 2019



Violence is rampant in this dark thriller set in the Southwest of France during the height of the Algerian War. Whereas the Germans ...Read Review

The Man That Got Away: A Constable Twitten Mystery 2

By Lynne Truss - Published 2019



It is summertime in 1957 Brighton, and England’s conmen, along with their ‘skirts,’ flock to the seashore in order to defraud unsuspecting tourists ...Read Review

The Widow of Rose House

By Diana Biller - Published 2019


Alva Penrose Rensselaer Webster is no longer welcome in New York City. Her family denies her existence, and society shuns her without reprieve. ...Read Review

Murder Knocks Twice (Speakeasy Mysteries)

By Susanna Calkins - Published 2019



January 1929. While the Chicago winter rages outside, the atmosphere heats up at the Third Door, the speakeasy where Gina Ricci, heroine of this ...Read Review

The Time Collector

By Gwendolyn Womack - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

For Roan West, to touch an object means to be immersed in its history. He is a New Orleans-based psychometrist whose ability to ...Read Review

The Girl in the Painting

By Renita D'Silva - Published 2019


When cultures collide, heartbreak ensues. Or is heartbreak the unavoidable consequence of being a woman, whether one is born poor or rich, in ...Read Review

The Goose Fritz

By Sergei Lebedev - Published 2019



When a deranged sergeant brutally kills a goose he mistakes for a German soldier, Kirill, a young intellectual with a Soviet childhood, begins ...Read Review

The Tenth Muse

By Catherine Chung - Published 2019



1960s Michigan. When a Chinese-American woman begins to question her origins, mathematics provides the clue to her identity. As Katherine seeks to uncover ...Read Review

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