Elicia Parkinson

The Banker and the Blackfoot: An Untold Story of Friendship, Trust, and Broken Promises in the Old West

By J. Edward Chamberlin - Published 2018



In the late 19th century, the border separating Canada and the United States was largely ignored by American traders and the Blackfoot people. ...Read Review

The Only Woman in the Room

By Marie Benedict - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Vienna, 1933. Hedy Kiesler stands on stage embracing the accolades she receives for her performance as Bavarian Empress Elizabeth. During her performance, a man ...Read Review

At the Wolf’s Table

By Rosella Postorino - Published 2019


Rosa Sauer, a 26-year-old German secretary living in Berlin, has been hired for an unusual position. Though women were unable to fight in ...Read Review

Tazia and Gemma

By Ann S Epstein - Published 2018


Tazia (Italian for born again) Gatti (Italian for cat) is a seventeen-year-old Italian immigrant in New York City in 1911. She has found herself ...Read Review


By Kristina Olsson - Published 2018



The mid-1960s saw a string of changes for countries around the world, and many had their eyes on the United States. By 1965, ...Read Review

Whirligig: Keeping the Promise

By Richard Buxton - Published 2017


The American Civil War seems an unlikely place for a young Englishman to wind up in the name of love, but that is ...Read Review

Shadow of the Tiger: A Story of India

By Paul Haston - Published 2017


The parallel lives of two very different women—Gwendolen, the white wife of a British consul, and Kuljit, an Indian maid—are told ...Read Review

We Shall Not All Sleep

By Estep Nagy - Published 2017



Off the coast of the main in Estep Nagy’s debut novel lies Seven Island. The Hillsinger and the Quick families have each ...Read Review

The Mercy Seat

By Elizabeth H. Winthrop - Published 2018



Louisiana, 1943. An 18-year-old African American man sits alone in his cell awaiting his execution. His crime is the alleged rape of a white ...Read Review

Gods of Howl Mountain

By Taylor Brown - Published 2018



The Korean War was unforgiving, particularly for the United States, whose forces were exceptionally unequipped, unprepared, and inadequately trained. Rory Docherty returns to ...Read Review

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