Elicia Parkinson


By Karen Kelly - Published 2019



The Parrish and Collier families have long been connected by the bonds of love and friendship. Their stories and relationships are told in ...Read Review

The Chelsea Girls

By Fiona Davis - Published 2019


Hazel lands in Naples, Italy in 1945 as the newest member of the USO tour. She hopes to follow her family onto the stage, ...Read Review

City of Flickering Light

By Juliette Fay - Published 2019


1921. Irene Van Beck and Millie Martin, dancers in a burlesque show, have just jumped from a moving train, a plan they kept hidden ...Read Review

The Man Who Would Be Sherlock: The Real-Life Adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle

By Christopher Sandford - Published 2018



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote extensively about mysteries and detective work through his best-known sleuthing character, Sherlock Holmes. From the late 1800s through ...Read Review


By Dick Warburton - Published 2018



British aristocrat Matthew Stoker is traveling through the Great Plains of the American West in 1860 when he comes across a young woman covered ...Read Review

The Banker and the Blackfoot: An Untold Story of Friendship, Trust, and Broken Promises in the Old West

By J. Edward Chamberlin - Published 2018



In the late 19th century, the border separating Canada and the United States was largely ignored by American traders and the Blackfoot people. ...Read Review

The Only Woman in the Room

By Marie Benedict - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Vienna, 1933. Hedy Kiesler stands on stage embracing the accolades she receives for her performance as Bavarian Empress Elizabeth. During her performance, a man ...Read Review

At the Wolf’s Table

By Rosella Postorino - Published 2019


Rosa Sauer, a 26-year-old German secretary living in Berlin, has been hired for an unusual position. Though women were unable to fight in ...Read Review

Tazia and Gemma

By Ann S Epstein - Published 2018


Tazia (Italian for born again) Gatti (Italian for cat) is a seventeen-year-old Italian immigrant in New York City in 1911. She has found herself ...Read Review


By Kristina Olsson - Published 2018



The mid-1960s saw a string of changes for countries around the world, and many had their eyes on the United States. By 1965, ...Read Review

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