Elena Maria Vidal

Village of Secrets: Defying the Nazis in Vichy France

By Caroline Moorehead - Published 2014



Caroline Moorehead’s profound scholarship brings to light an episode of the Second World War that would have remained shrouded in the mist ...Read Review

The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd

By Paula Quinn - Published 2014



Romance sizzles on the high seas of the early 18th century in The Wicked Ways of Alexander Kidd, the latest in Paula Quinn’...Read Review

Tudor Versus Stuarts: The Fatal Inheritance of Mary Queen of Scots

By Linda Porter - Published 2014



Linda Porter’s new tour de force covers ground left out of most histories of the Tudor period while not constantly rehashing well-known ...Read Review

Moonlight Raider

By Amanda Scott - Published 2014



Amanda Scott returns with another Border Nights saga involving the strong-willed Lady Meg and the Scott clan. In Moonlight Raider, Lady Meg’s ...Read Review

The Low Road

By A. D. Scott - Published 2014



The latest in a series of mystery novels about Scotland, The Low Road once again features the intrepid newspaper reporter John McAllister, whose ...Read Review

The Queen’s Exiles (Thornleigh Saga)

By Barbara Kyle - Published 2014Published 2014-05-27



An enthralling, swashbuckling adventure and romance, The Queen’s Exiles is the latest in Barbara Kyle’s Thornleigh Saga. The action begins on ...Read Review

Emeralds Included

By Betsy Woodman - Published 2014


The third and latest novel in the delightful series by Betsy Woodman, Emeralds Included, follows the further adventures of Jana Bibi, also known ...Read Review

Girl on the Golden Coin: A Novel of Frances Stuart

By Marci Jefferson - Published 2014


The licentious court of the Merry Monarch is brought to life in the debut novel of Marci Jefferson. Girl on the Golden Coin ...Read Review

American Saint: The Life of Elizabeth Seton

By Joan Barthel - Published 2014



American Saint is the biography of Elizabeth Bayley Seton, the first American citizen to be canonized in the Roman Catholic Church. Based upon ...Read Review

The King’s Grave: The Discovery of Richard III’s Lost Burial Place and the Clues It Holds

By Michael Jones - By Philippa Langley - Published 2013



The King’s Grave is a history-making book which I had trouble putting down. The final hours of Richard III, England’s last ...Read Review

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