Eileen Charbonneau

Wrath Goddess Sing

By Maya Deane - Published 2022


Historical Fantasy

Buckle up for the Fall of Troy once again, this time reimagined through the eyes of Achilles, who grew up as male-to-female transgender ...Read Review

A Persian Passover

By Etan Basseri - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

This delightful picture book, set in Iran of the 1950s, follows siblings Ezra and Roza as they help to prepare for their family’...Read Review

Lies of Omission: A Hanneke Bauer Mystery

By Kathleen Ernst - Published 2021



This first in a series is set in 1855 Wisconsin, a tumultuous time of German and Irish immigration and Know-Nothing opposition to both. It’...Read Review

A Stream to Follow

By Jess Wright - Published 2022


Set on the United States home front and in the World War II France and London of its protagonist’s memory, this is ...Read Review

Rotherwood: A Prequel to Ivanhoe

By Chris Thorndycroft - Published 2021



England and the Holy Land are the settings of this 12th-century imagining of Wilfred of Ivanhoe’s life over the four years before ...Read Review

A Lullaby for Witches

By Hester Fox - Published 2022



Fox’s dual-timeline (present/1870s) thriller fits into what is fast becoming a subgenre of American historical fiction: Witches Return, Havoc Descends. Meek, ...Read Review

What Lies Beneath

By Marissa Doyle - Published 2021


Children/Young AdultHistorical Fantasy

Set in the United States home front as the U.S. enters World War I in 1917, this entertaining fantasy-tinged YA follows 17-year-old Emma ...Read Review

The Rabbi and the Painter

By Jennifer Kirkham (illus.) - By Shoshana Weiss - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

This picture book imagines a friendship between two historical figures: Rabbi Judah Aryeh and the Renaissance painter known as Tintoretto. They lived near ...Read Review

The Forgotten Daughter

By Joanna Goodman - Published 2020


Revolving around the 1970 to 1990s French Canadian separatist movement and the plight of the 1950s Duplessis orphans, this novel makes it all personal ...Read Review


By Elizabeth Frank - Published 2020


During WWII on Bermuda, Lucy Barrett, gifted in languages, is a Censorette, part of a branch of British Intelligence stationed on the island ...Read Review