Edward James

Moscow in the 1930s: A Novel from the Archives

By Natalia Gromova - Published 2016



Are you knowledgeable and passionate about Russian literature, art and music of the first half of the 20th century? If you are, this ...Read Review

Listen to the Child

By Elizabeth Howard - Published 2016


MisLit – stories of unhappy childhoods – has become such a popular genre that entire shelves are devoted to it in the larger bookshops and ...Read Review

The Gate of the Dead

By David Gilman - Published 2016



To call this an action/adventure story is a massive understatement. The action is relentless, the body count is countless. But then this ...Read Review

Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was

By Sjόn - Published 2016



In 1918, the world is in turmoil. WWI wreaks its havoc in Europe, and the Spanish flu is devastating communities around the world. Distant ...Read Review

Mister Memory

By Marcus Sedgwick - Published 2016Published 2017



At one level this is a very good roman policier, set in Paris in the Belle Époque.  It begins with a crime passionnel ...Read Review

A Coin for the Hangman

By Ralph Spurrier - Published 2016



Capital punishment seems so alien to modern Britain that it is a shock to be reminded that just over fifty years ago there ...Read Review

Liberty Bazaar

By David Chadwick - Published 2016



The American Civil War was also fought in England, not with battles and bombardments but with fundraising drives, propaganda offensives, dirty tricks and ...Read Review

Resolution: A Novel of the Boy Who Sailed With Captain Cook

By A.N. Wilson - Published 2016


Biographical FictionNautical

Any book by A. N. Wilson is a rewarding read, but be warned!  Resolution was the ship in which Captain Cook sailed on ...Read Review

Getting Started in Writing Historical Fiction

By Emma Darwin - Published 2016



What is the difference between writing historical fiction and writing any other kind of fiction? Not much, to judge from this book. At ...Read Review

Pengelly’s Daughter

By Nicola Pryce - Published 2016



Cornwall attracts romantic novelists; strong passions amid dramatic scenery and wild weather.  Cornish historical romances tend to be set in the late 18th ...Read Review