Edward James

To Die in Spring

By Ralf Rothman - By Shaun Whiteside (trans.) - Published 2017



Two things to know: this novel is excellent, and it’s no place to be looking for even involuntary laughs. Set in the ...Read Review

The Road to Alexander

By Jennifer Macaire - Published 2017



The story starts about 300years in the future when a young journalist wins a prize to be sent back in time to interview ...Read Review

The Plots Against Hitler

By Danny Orbach - Published 2016Published 2017



Hitler led a charmed life. From the moment he took office as Chancellor in 1933 until the failure of the July 1944 Bomb Plot, there ...Read Review

Treachery and Retribution: England’s Dukes, Marquesses, and Earls, 1066-1707

By Andrew Rawson - Published 2017



Despite the title, this is in effect a political history of England from the Conquest to the Act of Union, told in 200 pages. ...Read Review

The Death of the Fronsac

By Neal Ascherson - Published 2017



It is difficult to classify this book. It is certainly a war story: the central character is a Polish soldier, Maurycy Szczucki, and ...Read Review

The French Art of War

By (trans. Frank Wynne) - By Alexis Jenni - Published 2017



This is a long book translated from the French, with a forbidding title by an author who is prodigal with words. Don’t ...Read Review

The Lost Book of the Holy Grail

By Charlie Lovett - Published 2017


Dan Brown meets Anthony Trollope! Once again a middle-aged academic searches for the Holy Grail, helped by a younger female assistant (less cerebral, ...Read Review

Bourbon Creams and Tattered Dreams

By Mary Gibson - Published 2017


Basically, this is the story of an actress/singer who is down on her luck and struggles to survive in a working-class area ...Read Review

Posted in Wartime: Letters Home from Abroad

By Richard Knott - Published 2017



The title is a pun. The book is based on letters posted in wartime from abroad by Britons posted abroad in wartime. We ...Read Review

Holy Blood

By Kim Fleet - Published 2017



Eden Grey, Kim Fleet’s fictional private detective, continues with her mission to litter Cheltenham with as many literary corpses as Inspector Morse’...Read Review

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