Edward James

Rome: A History in Seven Sackings

By Matthew Kneale - By Matthew Kneale (author) - Published 2018



Rome has been sacked more than seven times in its long history. The seven ‘sackings’ chosen by Matthew Kneale for this book include ...Read Review

Death March Escape: The Remarkable Story of a Man Who Twice Escaped the Nazi Holocaust

By Jack J Hersch - Published 2019



Although Death March Escape is a true-life story, it is structured like many historical novels in two time streams. The ‘historic’ stream concerns ...Read Review

The Unbeliever

By Oggy Boytchev (author) - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

The Unbeliever is fictionalised history rather than historical fiction. It is based closely on the real-life story of a Bulgarian diplomat who was ...Read Review

The Battle for England

By Mr Bernard Neeson - Published 2017


Alternate History

I remember when I was a schoolboy reading a passage from Churchill’s war memoirs in which he half-regretted that Hitler had never ...Read Review

Night Flight to Paris

By David Gilman - Published 2018



David Gilman is best known as the author of the Master of War series, following the blood-drenched adventures of an English mercenary soldier ...Read Review

The Escape Artists: A Band of Daredevil Pilots and the Greatest Prison Breakout of WWI

By Neal Bascomb - Published 2018



Most of us have heard of the Great Escape of WW2, when 76 POWs tunnelled their way out of Stalag Luft 111 in 1943.  WW1 also ...Read Review

The Lost Story of the Ocean Monarch

By Gill Hoffs - Published 2018



The Ocean Monarch was a large, well-found American emigrant ship which had carried hundreds of migrants from Liverpool to Boston.  She sank on 24 ...Read Review

The Red Ribbon: An Irregular Spy Thriller (Irregular 2)

By H. B. Lyle - Published 2018



The Red Ribbon is the sequel to The Irregular, which saw Capt. Vernon Kell setting up Britain’s miniscule Secret Service in 1908. By 1910 ...Read Review

Britain and Victory in the Great War

By Peter Liddle - Published 2018



This book is essential reading for anybody researching into or writing about WW1 and will be rewarding for all other readers.  It is ...Read Review

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