Edward James

The Dressmaker of Paris

By Georgia Kaufman - Published 2021


This is not my kind of book, the life story of a seamstress who becomes the millionaire owner of a fashion chain. Yet ...Read Review

Britain and the Ocean Road: Shipwrecks and People, 1297-1825

By Ian Friel - Published 2020



This is not a maritime history of Britain to 1825, nor is it really a book about shipwrecks. It is a set of eight ...Read Review

Children in Care, 1834-1929: The Lives of Destitute, Orphaned and Deserted Children

By Rosemary A. Steer - Published 2020



I wish I had had this book when I was lecturing on social policy.  Not that it replaces any of the standard textbooks, ...Read Review

The Year of the Gun (The Irregular)

By H. B. Lyle - Published 2020



This is the third in Lyle’s series of espionage novels set in the early years of the British Secret Service, before WWI.  ...Read Review

A Shop Girl at Sea

By Rachel Brimble - Published 2020



Not another book about the Titanic? Well, not really. The eponymous shopgirl, Amelia, who works at a department store in Bath, does not ...Read Review

The Electric Hotel

By Dominic Smith - Published 2020



The Electric Hotel is a story within a story, with the main narrative set within a poignant outer frame. It is 1963, and a ...Read Review

Sex and Sexuality in Stuart Britain

By Andrea Zuvich - Published 2020



Andrea Zuvich is the author of The Stuarts in 100 Facts, which contains far more than 100 facts.  She now gives us many more facts ...Read Review

Britain’s Wartime Evacuees: The People, Places and Stories of the Evacuations Told Through the Accounts of Those Who Were There (Voices from the Past)

By Gillian Mawson - Published 2020



The impact of mass air raids on civilian targets was the great unknown at the outset of WW2. Pre-war exercises seemed to prove ...Read Review

A Death in Mayfair (The DCI Frank Merlin Series)

By Mark Ellis - Published 2019



This is the third in Mark Ellis’s DCI Frank Merlin series, set in London in WW2. The action takes place over two ...Read Review

The Sea Gate

By Jane Johnson - Published 2020


It is rare to find a dual-narrative novel in which both strands of the narrative are equally compelling. Often the present-day strand exists ...Read Review

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