Doug Kemp

Merivel: A Man of His Time

By Rose Tremain - Published 2012Published 2013


This is a sequel to Tremain’s 1989 novel, Restoration, which was a memoir of Sir Robert Merivel, physician, bon-viveur, friend of Charles II ...Read Review

Capital Crimes: Seven Centuries of London Life and Murder

By Max Décharné - Published 2012



London, as one of the world’s principal cities for many years, has been the focus for incalculable crimes and misdemeanours, and the ...Read Review


By Robert Nye - Published 2012Published c1976



First published in 1976, Nye’s rambling autobiographical musings of the Shakespearean figure Sir John Falstaff is surprisingly contemporary in its approach and style. ...Read Review

A Less Boring History of the World

By Dave Rear - Published 2012



Horrible History for adults is the best way I can pithily describe this. It is a breakneck gallop through all history from the ...Read Review

The Secret Archives of Sherlock Holmes

By June Thomson - Published 2012



June Thomson has published a number of these pastiches of the famous stories of Arthur Conan Doyle. They all consist of a series ...Read Review

Sweet Tooth

By Ian McEwan - Published 2012



For many members of the HNS, the early 1970s may not seem to be very historical. But Ian McEwan’s new novel, which ...Read Review

Underworld London: Crime and Punishment in the Capital City

By Catharine Arnold - Published 2012



This is a broad-brush account of London’s most notorious crimes from the Middle Ages up to the present day, together with descriptions ...Read Review

Silver: Return to Treasure Island

By Andrew Motion - Published 2012



R.L. Stevenson’s novel has enchanted and fascinated generations of readers since its publication in the late 19th century. The story left ...Read Review

The Uninvited Guests

By Sadie Jones - Published 2012


This is a bizarre and fantastic story, which takes place over 24 hours in Sterne – a substantial English country house. But the Swifts, the ...Read Review

Beautiful Lies

By Clare Clark - Published 2012


London, 1887. The country is absorbed by Queen Victoria’s Jubilee and Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West show, with an economic recession causing ...Read Review

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