Cynthia Slocum

The Paris Seamstress

By Natasha Lester - Published 2018



Romance and mystery intertwine in this multi-period novel that begins in Paris during 1940. As Nazi forces prepare to occupy the city, a chance ...Read Review

That Girl

By Kate Kerrigan - Published 2018


In this captivating story three young Irish women seek to reinvent themselves in swinging 1960s London. After being abruptly jilted, Lara sets out ...Read Review

Plague Pits & River Bones

By Karen Charlton - Published 2018



Detective Stephen Lavender and Constable Ned Woods of Bow Street are struggling with the extra workload assigned to them. In an effort to ...Read Review

The Wanderers

By Tim Pears - Published 2018


Expelled from the Prideau estate where his brother works, a boy named Leo Sercombe begins an odyssey in 1912 across the moors and small ...Read Review

A Shout in the Ruins

By Kevin Powers - Published 2018


This dual-period story alternates between the 1860s and 1950s, beginning in Chesterfield, Virginia. Rawls, an enslaved young man, runs away one night to ...Read Review

Invitation to a Bonfire

By Adrienne Celt - Published 2018



Opening with a hint of mystery, this literary novel unfolds through letters, detailed diary entries, and other documents that provide the backstory and ...Read Review

Rhode Island Rendezvous

By Linda Collison - Published 2017



This third book in the Patricia MacPherson Nautical Adventure Series takes place during the years leading up to the American Revolution. Patricia has ...Read Review

City of Lies

By Victoria Thompson - Published 2017



Elizabeth Miles must flee for her life in Washington City when Oscar Thornton realizes that she and her brother have conned him out ...Read Review

Ruby Flynn

By Nadine Dorries - Published 2017


Set in County Mayo, Ireland, the action begins with the rescue of twelve-year-old Ruby, who has become orphaned during the worst winter on ...Read Review

The It Girls

By Karen Harper - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Lucy and Elinor Sutherland have big dreams that seem far-fetched for girls growing up on the Isle of Jersey in the late 1800s, ...Read Review