Cindy Vallar

In the King’s Service

By Margaret Moore - Published 2003



After marrying Eleanor of Aquitaine, King Henry II relies on French advisers rather than his own countrymen, which upsets some English nobles. He ...Read Review

Beauchamp Besieged

By Elaine Knighton - Published 2003



In 1200 Ceridwen ap Morgan’s father arranges for her to wed her enemy, an English knight. She’d rather not, but there is ...Read Review

Consuming Fire

By Kathleen Morgan - Published 2003



Three years after the Massacre of Glencoe, Maggie Robertson enters a nunnery. While she wishes to serve God, she also flees the man ...Read Review

The Devil’s Cloth (A History of Stripes)

By Michael Pastourneau (trans. Jody Glodding) - Published 2003



Stripes are part of our everyday lives, but depending on how or where we encounter them, they evoke certain impressions. This thought-provoking book ...Read Review

The Pirate Queen

By Alan Gold - Published 2003


Biographical Fiction

          If not for Irish bards and poets and occasional legal documents, we might not know about the legendary pirate queen who threatened the ...Read Review

Ruled Britannia

By Harry Turtledove - Published 2002


Alternate History

In 1588 the Spanish Armada failed in its attempt to invade England, but what if it hadn’t? That is the premise of this ...Read Review

The Stricklands

By Edwin Lanham - Published 2002



Life during the Great Depression is hard, particularly for those living in Oklahoma. The Stricklands are one such family. Facing imminent loss of ...Read Review

The Breach

By Brian Kaufman - Published 2002


Biographical FictionMilitary

Although few Americans remember March 6, 1836, many know the event connected with that date – the day Santa Ana’s army breached the defenses of ...Read Review

Embrace The Dawn

By Kathleen Morgan - Published 2002



With her husband’s escalating abuse, Killian Campbell and her son flee. Alexander pursues and strangles her, but a stranger intervenes. When the ...Read Review

Rivers Of Gold

By Tracie Peterson - Published 2002



Miranda Colton awakens in a stranger’s cabin after being washed overboard on a trip to the Yukon in 1898. During her recuperation, the ...Read Review