Cindy Vallar

The Rebel Heiress and the Knight

By Melissa Oliver - Published 2020



In the spring of 1215, an incompetent and mercurial tyrant rules England, and Northumberland is a hotbed of ferment. The rebellious barons are abetted ...Read Review

Rebellion (The Hacker Chronicles)

By Philip Yorke - Published 2019



At forty-two, too young to die, Francis Hacker knows what awaits him when Prince Charles returns to London. Vengefulness and treason exact high ...Read Review

Where the Lost Wander

By Amy Harmon - Published 2020



A widow at twenty, Naomi May is bound for California with her family and her in-laws. She records the journey on paper, drawing ...Read Review

The Green Soldier

By J. Edward Gore - Published 2019



To fight for his country just as his ancestor did, John Gore joins the Union Army in 1861. He hopes to earn a medal ...Read Review

The Testament of Leofric the Black: Volume One, 1040-57

By Edward Cartwright Beard - Published 2019



It is 1071, and William the Bastard has taken the Isle of Elig after an 18-month siege. The betrayer is Leofric the Black, or ...Read Review

Charlie Mac

By Maria McDonald - Published 2018


Charlie McDaniel dies in his home while sipping a cup of tea. His death is neither natural nor expected. The front door crashes ...Read Review

Georges Bank

By Bradley Bagshaw - Published 2018


Gossip forces Maggie O’Grady to flee Ireland with her brother in 1859. She finds a job as a maid in Boston, where she ...Read Review

Road to Antietam

By Tom E. Hicklin - Published 2018



The reality of war for Daniel and Christopher Galloway is mostly marching back and forth or digging ditches. The rebels stay one step ...Read Review

Maid of Baikal: An Alternative Historical Novel of the Russian Civil War

By Preston Fleming - Published 2018-05-11


Alternate HistoryEpic

Captain Edmund du Pont arrives in Siberia in November 1918 to establish wireless stations as part of the American Expeditionary Force’s aid to ...Read Review

Open Sea

By Cynthia Steele (trans.) - By María Gudín - Published 2018


Captured by pirates, Catalina “Len” and her mother are taken to England, a move that forces her mother into prostitution when no ransom ...Read Review

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