Cindy Vallar

Commissar: A Novel of Civil War Russia

By D. V. Chernov - Published 2021


Delivery of a dispatch leads to the Romanovs’ executions. The messenger is Anna Sokolova, a young woman whose brother died in a demonstration ...Read Review

Discerning Grace (The White Sails Series Book 1)

By Emma Lombard - Published 2021



In May 1826, the last person Grace Baxter will wed is the beady-eyed Lord Silverton, but he assumes a promise to wed equates to ...Read Review

City of Liars

By Michelle Fogle - Published 2021


The home to which Joachim Déulocresca returns is not the same one that he left. Fear and hate, tinged with greed—all ...Read Review

Confessions of a Janissary

By Nicholas Downing - Published 2021


Thirteen-year-old Mirko Popovic’s curiosity is aroused when Janissaries visit his Serbian village in 1373. They come to collect a special tax: one that ...Read Review

Chambers of the Sea

By Alan Vazquez - Published 2021



The sea is a place of legends and superstitions, none more so than with the Mary Celeste. The ship floats in a place ...Read Review

The Devil’s Breath

By Tom Hogan - Published 2021


Gold. The precious element, extracted from the dead, is vital to the Germans, but some is siphoned into the pockets of Auschwitz’s ...Read Review

The Day the Pirates Went Mad

By Trevor Atkins - Published 2021


Children/Young AdultNautical

When Emma Sharpe’s parents end up in debtors’ prison, she’s sent to a Bristol orphanage. Labeled a troublemaker, she befriends a ...Read Review


By Philip Yorke - Published 2021


Guilt and vengeance prevent Captain Francis Hacker from finding solace from God after his daughters’ murders. As the second year of civil war ...Read Review

The Murderess Must Die

By Marlie Parker Wasserman - Published 2021


Martha “Mattie” Garretson raises herself from a dirt-poor farmer’s daughter to the wife of an insurance adjuster. In between life with her ...Read Review

The Flower Boat Girl

By Larry Feign - Published 2021


Sold into slavery as a child, Yang becomes a flower boat girl (a prostitute). She eventually earns her freedom, but prostitution keeps her ...Read Review

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