Cindy Vallar

Token of Betrayal (Roses & Rebels Book 1)

By C.V. Lee - Published 2022



Jersey seems like a haven from the turmoil of war until an insider permits the French to seize the island fortress one night ...Read Review

Emma’s Marshal (Harts of the West)

By Samantha Thomas - Published 2023



Strangers are rarities in Autumn Springs, so naturally a handsome one catches Emma Hart’s attention. Of course, her five overprotective brothers are ...Read Review

Sheltering Angel: A Novel Based on a True Story of the Titanic

By Louella Bryant - Published 2023



Andrew Cunningham, a Scotsman, seeks a life at sea and becomes a steward of the White Star Line’s RMS Oceanic in 1889. The ...Read Review

Brock’s Spirit

By Tom Taylor - Published 2023



General Brock is dead, but his sense of honor, justice, and bold service lives on in Jonathan Westlake. Only a handful of people ...Read Review

Crosswind (The WWII Adventures of MI6 Agent Katrin Nissen)

By Karen K. Brees - Published 2022


The invitation to present at a botanical conference is in direct opposition to Dr. Katrin Nissen’s research, but it provides the MI6 ...Read Review

Murder on Oak Street (A South Shore Mystery Book 1)

By I. M. Foster - Published 2022



Jilted at the altar, Daniel O’Halleran accepts a job that combines his two passions: medicine and criminal investigation. He moves to Patchogue, ...Read Review

An Enemy Like Me

By Teri M Brown - Published 2023


The American flag: a symbol of freedom, a symbol of sacrifice. William Miller is proud to be an American and to have served, ...Read Review

Yellow Sky Revolt (The Three Kingdoms Chronicles Book 1)

By Baptiste Pinson Wu - Published 2022



Liao Hua, a defeated general, dictates his story to keep alive the memory of his fallen comrades and to recount the upheaval in ...Read Review

A Time to Fight

By John Aubin - Published 2022



Once a grenadier in the Royal Army, Will Sturt returns home to Goudhurst, England, after four years of fighting. Much has changed, but ...Read Review

Guarding What Remains

By Ida Smith - Published 2022


Teddy’s incessant barking alerts Eleanor Cruthers to possible danger, but she can’t convince anyone in her family of eight to investigate. ...Read Review

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