Chiara Prezzavento

The Girl in the Tower

By Katherine Arden - Published 2018


As a highborn girl in 14th-century Russia, Vasilisa Petrovna should be leading a sheltered and pious life, waiting for a good marriage – like ...Read Review

All the World’s A Stage

By Boris Akunin - Published 2018



In 1911 Moscow, renowned detective and self-described harmonious man Erast Fandorin expects to be involved in the investigation about minister Stolypin’s murder – and ...Read Review

Churchill’s Confidant: Jan Smuts, Enemy to Lifelong Friend

By Richard Steyn - Published 2018



Winston Churchill and future South African Prime Minister Jan Smuts first met on the battlefields of the Anglo-Boer War, as two remarkable and ...Read Review

Black Tudors

By Miranda Kaufmann - Published 2017



Were there Africans in Tudor and Jacobean England? How did they fare? What kind of lives did they lead? How were they regarded ...Read Review

The Dressmaker’s Secret

By Charlotte Betts - Published 2017


It’s 1819, and young Englishwoman Emilia Barton is growing impatient of her unsettled life, traveling up and down Italy as an itinerant dressmaker—...Read Review

The Hiding Places

By Katherine Webb - Published 2017



In the sweltering summer of 1922, the sleepy, idyllic village of Slaughterford in Wiltshire, is shaken by a brutal murder, and the son of ...Read Review

By Blood Divided

By James Heneage - Published 2017


By the late 1440s Siward Magoris, varangopoulos of Mistra and trusted officer of Emperor Constantine XI, is used to loss. His whole family ...Read Review

White Highlands

By John McGhie - Published 2017


In 1952 Kenya, Englishman Johnny Seymour has found a refuge from his wartime traumas in the Information Department under his old CO Grogan Littleboy, ...Read Review

The Last Debutante

By Lesley Lokko - Published 2017


It is 1938, and 15-year-old Kit Algernon Waters is the ugly duckling in her aristocratic family. Bookish, clever, and a little awkward, Kit has ...Read Review

Wings of the Storm

By Giles Kristian - Published 2016



The late 8th century is a time of violence and change in Scandinavia. While the order of the old gods is threatened, and ...Read Review

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