Celia Shea

An Affair with Beauty — The Mystique of Howard Chandler Christy: The Magic of Youth

By James Philip Head - Published 2016


James Philip Head begins his An Affair with Beauty trilogy with The Magic of Youth, a sumptuous novel in which a young woman, ...Read Review

The Dragon King: First Emperor of China (Chronicles of the Watchers, Book One)

By Brian Godawa - By Charlie Wen - Published 2016



The first book in the Chronicles of the Watchers series by Brian Godawa and Charlie Wen takes place in 220 BC and sends the ...Read Review


By D. C. Reep - By E. A. Allen - Published 2016



Sixteen-year-old Jenny Tyler, living in the modern era of cell phones and the Internet, has recently suffered a concussion that is making her ...Read Review

Naapiikoan Winter

By Alethea Williams - Published 2016


Loosely based on the memoirs of 19th-century Hudson Bay Company fur trader David Thompson, Alethea Williams’ lovely, evocative novel centers on 17-year-old Donal ...Read Review

Shields Down (The House of Baric Part One) / A Brother’s Defense (The House of Baric Part Two)

By Jillian Bald - Published 2015Published 2016


The long-ago arranged marriage of young Mauritius “Mauro” Baric, one of the last of the House of Baric, is the crux of Jillian ...Read Review

Eliza Waite

By Ashley E. Sweeney - Published 2016


“When Eliza arrives in Skagway, Alaska, she has less than fifty dollars to her name and not a friend in the world – but ...Read Review

The Depth of Beauty

By A. B. Michaels - Published 2016


In A. B. Michaels’ involving and richly atmospheric novel The Depth of Beauty, a son of privilege has his eyes opened to a ...Read Review


By Don Maker - Published 2013


Readers of Edward Gibbon’s Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire will probably recall one of its most interesting side-stories, the tale ...Read Review

Orphans and Inmates

By Rosanne L. Higgins - Published 2014



Seventeen-year-old Irish immigrant, Ciara Sloane, begins her adventures at the start of Rosanne Higgins’ novel Orphans and Inmates in the teeth of almost ...Read Review

Journeys into the New World

By Jay Prasad - Published 2015



Jay Prasad, in Journeys into the New World, very effectively uses a few different, converging narrative devices in support of one main goal: ...Read Review