Cecelia Holland

Sorcerer: A Novel of Queen Elizabeth’s Alchemist

By Geoffrey James - Published 2013


AdventureBiographical Fiction

Dr. John Dee fascinates everybody, the ultimate absent-minded professor looking for angels and gold. Geoffrey James’ novel attempts to encompass this extraordinary man, ...Read Review

Land of the Silver Dragon: An Aelf Fen Mystery

By Alys Clare - Published 2013



Set in the English fen country during the reign of William Rufus, Land of the Silver Dragon can’t decide what it wants ...Read Review

The Christmas Wassail

By Kate Sedley - Published 2013



This is The latest in Kate Sedley’s string of Roger the Chapman mysteries, set in 15th-century England and featuring a shrewd peddler, ...Read Review

Transcending Darkness

By Estelle Glaser Laughlin - Published 2012



“If you sit in a dark hole in the ground listening to the world crashing around you, you never stop sitting there. Some ...Read Review


By Goran Powell - Published 2012


Before World War II, the island of Okinawa was a world of quiet fishing communities, modest homes, and Goju Ryu Karate. The hero ...Read Review

The Healing Stream

By Connie Monk - Published 2012


Fans of the late Maeve Binchy will love The Healing Stream by Connie Monk, a prolific writer of romance. As in Binchy’s ...Read Review

The Badger Redemption

By J. A. Ricketts - Published 2012


In 1959 a labor riot in the town of Badger in Newfoundland resulted in the death of a local policeman. The violence shocked the ...Read Review

Siege 13

By Tamas Dobozy - Published 2013


LiteraryShort Stories

For six weeks in the winter of 1944-45, the Soviet Army assaulted Budapest, defended by the German and Hungarian armies. Over 800,000 civilians were ...Read Review

Wedded to War

By Jocelyn Green - Published 2012



At the beginning of the Civil War, medical support for the troops was rudimentary at best. Several brilliant, heroic women undertook the change ...Read Review

The Quilt Walk

By Sandra Dallas - Published 2012


Children/Young Adult

In 1863, with the Civil War raging, ten-year-old Emmy Blue and her parents start across the plains toward a new life in Golden, Colorado. ...Read Review