Cecelia Holland

A Passion for Paris

By David Downie - Published 2015



Street guide, gossip column and history, this is the book to take with you on your next trip to Paris. David Downie is ...Read Review

The Day of Atonement

By David Liss - Published 2014



Lisbon before the earthquake of 1755 was one of the major commercial centers of Europe, an ancient city of close, cobbled streets and rambling ...Read Review

The Witch-Hunter’s Tale

By Sam Thomas - Published 2015



This is the third in the author’s mystery series set during the English Civil War, starring Lady Bridget Hodgson, noblewoman and midwife. ...Read Review

Here and Again

By Nicole R. Dickson - Published 2014



Why does a Confederate soldier, trying to get back home in 1863, keep on turning up in Ginger Martin’s orchard in 2012? The answer ...Read Review

Soldier Doll

By Jennifer Gold - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

A number of books lately have tried to work through terror and loss of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars through some larger frame ...Read Review

The Canary

By Michael Loyd Gray - Published 2013


Amelia Earhart was born to take to the air. She grew up a tomboy, learned to fly at the age of 23, set her ...Read Review


By Nicole Helget - Published 2014


In the vast stew of 19th-century America, Minnesota forms from the collisions and debris of the frontier, the mountain men and whores, the ...Read Review

The Outcasts

By Kathleen Kent - Published 2013



Set in the wild Texas of 1870, with a side trip to New Orleans, The Outcasts begins like a Larry McMurtry novel but with ...Read Review

As Flies to Whatless Boys

By Robert Antoni - Published 2013



Sporting surely the funniest title of the year, As Flies to Whatless Boys is a kind of complex word game, a historical narrative ...Read Review

Kabuki Boy

By Perle Besserman - Published 2013


If the power of the historical novel is to carry the reader into the middle of an unknown world, Kabuki Boy is a ...Read Review