Cathy Powell

The Desert Nurse

By Pamela Hart - Published 2019


Evelyn Northey desperately wants to become a doctor, but her father forbids it.  Following the death of her mother, Evelyn’s father decides ...Read Review

A Dangerous Crossing

By Rachel Rhys - Published 2017


Inspired by the real life of a young girl who made the voyage between London and Sydney, Rachel Rhys successfully makes her debut ...Read Review

Swimming Home

By Mary-Rose MacColl - Published 2016


MacColl gives us a thoroughly enjoyable read in this book describing the changing circumstances of 15-year-old Catherine Quick in 1925. Catherine is a swimmer ...Read Review

Snowdrift, and Other Stories

By Georgette Heyer - Published 2016



This book is a collection of the author’s Regency short stories, eleven of which were previously published under the title Pistols for ...Read Review

Pax Romana: War, Peace and Conquest in the Roman World

By Adrian Goldsworthy - Published 2016



Historian Adrian Goldsworthy chronicles the rise of Rome, revealing how the Romans came to control so much of the world.  He goes into ...Read Review

Cry Mother Spain

By Ben Faccini (trans.) - By Lydie Salvayre - Published 2016


Biographical FictionLiterary

This is a rather special book, as it is a daughter’s fictional re-creation of what her mother Montse went through in the ...Read Review

The Revelations of Carey Ravine

By Debra Daley - Published 2016


London in the 1770s must have been an exciting place for those of a buccaneering nature and for the wealthy. This book tells ...Read Review

Ned Kelly: The Story of Australia’s Most Notorious Legend

By Peter Fitzsimons - Published 2015



Ned Kelly’s reputation as Australia’s most notorious outlaw is part of the fabric of Australian history in general. Peter Fitzsimons’ book ...Read Review

The Tea Planter’s Wife

By Dinah Jefferies - Published 2015Published 2016Published 2016-09-13


Gwendolyn Hooper is newly married to a tea plantation owner and is keen to join him in Ceylon. She seems at ease with ...Read Review

The Soldier’s Wife

By Margaret Leroy - Published 2011


When Guernsey is occupied in 1940, the islanders think it’s the beginning of the end. The Germans requisition houses for themselves, set up ...Read Review