Cassandra Clark

The Licence of War (Laurence Beaumont 2)

By V.C. Letemendia - Published 2014Published 2014-05-15


This is quite a tome at just under 600 pages, but it turns out to be a quick and brilliant read. Laurence Beaumont, impetuous ...Read Review

Leaves Before the Storm

By Angela Arney - Published 2014



This beautifully written novel makes a change from the increasing number being published with an eye to the interest in both World Wars ...Read Review

The Spice Merchant’s Wife

By Charlotte Betts - Published 2013


This novel is set during the 1666 Great Fire of London and its fascinating but less well-known aftermath. The heroine is the wife in ...Read Review

The Flower Book

By Catherine Law - Published 2013


This is one of the first in the inevitable tsunami of novels soon to hit the bookshops on the centenary of the First ...Read Review

King of the Wind

By Marguerite Henry - Published 2013Published c1948


Children/Young Adult

Written in 1948 by an award-winning American author of animal stories, this novel is part truth, part fiction. The true story concerns a colt ...Read Review


By Jill Paton Walsh - Published 2013 (1969)


Children/Young Adult

This novella was first published in 1969 and tells the story of two 15-year-old runaways, Bill and Julie, during the Second World War. It ...Read Review

Tudor: the Family Story

By Leanda de Lisle - Published 2013



What a story this is. The perfect book for the legions of readers obsessed by the bloody Tudor dynasty, it ‘recalibrates our perspective’ ...Read Review


By Marianne Whiting - Published 2012


Alternate History

Cumbria, 934, and the English fight Vikings for political supremacy in the North, whilst the traditional Viking way of life is threatened as Christianity ...Read Review

The Lost Prince

By Selden Edwards - Published 2012


In 1898, Eleanor Burden, a young Bostonian, returns home from Vienna with a remarkable journal, which foretells the events of her lifetime. Although Eleanor ...Read Review

Ruddy Gore

By Kerry Greenwood - Published 2005



Glamorous Melbourne heiress Phryne Fisher made her debut into the mystery fiction world with Ruddy Gore, originally published in 1995, but available in the ...Read Review