Cas Stavert

The Sun King Rises

By Denis Lépée - By Sue Dyson (trans.) - By Yves Jégo - Published 2008



Orphaned Gabriel de Pontbriand has fled the stifling conformity of the country life his uncle has planned for him for the flesh pots ...Read Review

Children of Freedom

By Marc Levy - Published 2008


This novel, based on true stories of the French Resistance, is an excellent read and will appeal to those like myself who have ...Read Review

Rome Burning

By Sophia MacDougall - Published 2007


Alternate History

  This is the sequel to MacDougall’s successful debut novel, Romanitas, but sadly I don’t think it makes much sense unless ...Read Review

Miscarriage of Justice

By Linda Sole - Published 2007



Set in 1924, this historical mystery, the first in a new series, is set in a small Norfolk village with two protagonists who are ...Read Review

A Stranger in Burracombe

By Lilian Harry - Published 2007



This sugary saga, set in a Devon village, opens in February 1952 with the arrival of a young woman, Jennifer Tucker, who it later ...Read Review

Consuelo & Alva Vanderbilt: The Story of a Mother and Daughter in the Gilded Age

By Amanda Mackenzie Stuart - Published 2006



This intriguing biography combines the stories of mother and daughter, allowing us to see how the one influenced the other. It opens with ...Read Review