Carrie Callaghan

The Paris Model: A Novel

By Alexandra Joel - Published 2020


Svelte and stunning Grace Woods loves her Australian ranch as a child, but when she marries her childhood sweetheart after his return from ...Read Review

Shelley and the Unknown Lady

By Lona Manning - Published 2020


Mary Bertram is young, ambitious, and bored in her loveless marriage when she checks herself into a hotel in Tuscany in 1818. Separated from ...Read Review

Plain Bad Heroines

By Emily M. Danforth - Published 2020


In 1902, two young women are obsessed with the scandalous writing of (real-life author) Mary MacLane and in love with each other. Meanwhile in ...Read Review

Lionhearts (Nottingham 2)

By Nathan Makaryk - Published 2020



Nathan Makaryk’s sophomore novel picks up some months after the shocking conclusion of his first, Nottingham. In this Game-of-Thrones-like treatment of the ...Read Review

The Nesting Dolls

By Alina Adams - Published 2020


In 2019, a cantankerous, self-aggrandizing, but still loveable Russian immigrant grandmother takes a gift at her 45th wedding anniversary party and raises her arms ...Read Review