Carrie Callaghan

Daughters of the Occupation: A Novel of WWII

By Shelly Sanders - Published 2022


In Riga, Latvia, in the 1940s, Miriam’s young family is caught between the buffeting waves of first a Soviet invasion and then ...Read Review

Stealing Home

By David Namisato (illus.) - By J. Torres - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Young Sandy Saito loves his hometown Vancouver’s all-Japanese baseball team, but when they are knocked out during the playoffs in 1941, his father ...Read Review

Small World

By Jonathan Evison - Published 2022


On his last train, on his last day of work, a retiring Amtrak engineer slams the brakes of his train and jumbles the ...Read Review


By Alison MacLeod - Published 2021


Biographical FictionLiterary

It’s 1928, and D. H. Lawrence is in Italy, trying not to die of his desperately poor health. Then it’s 1915, and he ...Read Review

The Hunt Is On (Seekers of the Aweto 1)

By Edward Gauvin (trans.) - By Nie Jun - Published 2021


Children/Young Adult

Two brothers, one who can command insects with the tap of his drum and another who can affix wings and fly like an ...Read Review

The Russian Key

By Jeri Laber - Published 2021



After a stultifying year of translating documents from Russian to English in the early 1960s, Kate Landau is frustrated that her CIA career ...Read Review

everyman: A Novel

By M. Shelly Conner - Published 2021



“The south is syrup,” author M. Shelly Conner tells us in the prelude to her debut novel, everyman. When her protagonist, Eve Mann, ...Read Review

In the Dark

By Anamaría Crowe Serrano - Published 2021



In the winter of 1937, the ancient city of Teruel is buffeted by snowstorms and war, as the changing fronts of the Spanish Civil ...Read Review

The Paris Model: A Novel

By Alexandra Joel - Published 2020


Svelte and stunning Grace Woods loves her Australian ranch as a child, but when she marries her childhood sweetheart after his return from ...Read Review

Shelley and the Unknown Lady

By Lona Manning - Published 2020


Mary Bertram is young, ambitious, and bored in her loveless marriage when she checks herself into a hotel in Tuscany in 1818. Separated from ...Read Review