Caroline Wilson


By Katherine Longshore - Published 2013


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

The short and tragic life of Catherine Howard, the teenage fifth wife of Henry VIII of England, is told through the eyes of ...Read Review

I Am Venus

By Barbara Mujica - Published 2013


Biographical FictionLiterary

The life of famous artist Diego Velazquez and the hypocritical mores of 17th-century Spain are brought to life by the mysterious model depicted ...Read Review

Call Me Zelda

By Erika Robuck - Published 2013


Biographical Fiction

Psychiatric nurse Anna Howard is in awe of her newest patient at Phipps Psychiatric Clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. Zelda Fitzgerald, wife of famed ...Read Review

The Emperor’s Conspiracy

By Michelle Diener - Published 2012



Born to a life of hardship in the Rookeries of Regency London, Charlotte Raven makes a miraculous escape when she is adopted by ...Read Review

Royal Romances

By Leslie Carroll - Published 2012



The goings-on of history’s royal families are of perennial interest to those not lucky enough to born a prince or princess. In ...Read Review

The Raven’s Heart

By Jesse Blackadder - Published 2012


The year is 1561, and Mary, Queen of Scots, has finally returned from France to claim her throne in Scotland. The Blackadder family has ...Read Review