Bryan Dumas

Portrait of Peril: A Victorian Mystery

By Laura Joh Rowland - Published 2021



Rowland opens the fifth in the Victorian mystery series centered on Sarah Bain at the photographer/sleuth’s long-anticipated wedding to Det. Sgt. ...Read Review

Glamour Girls

By Marty Wingate - Published 2021


Rosalie Wright wanted to fly ever since she saw a plane at a flying circus set up at an airfield near her family’...Read Review

The Mystery of Mrs. Christie

By Marie Benedict - Published 2020



In December 1926, famed author Agatha Christie went missing. For eleven days, police, the public, and two of the UK’s most famous mystery ...Read Review

Charis in the World of Wonders: A Novel Set in Puritan New England

By Marly Youmans - Published 2020


As an Indian raid threatens young Charis’ household in Falmouth, Massachusetts (now Maine), her mother sends Charis and her young sister Mary to ...Read Review

The Orphan Collector

By Ellen Marie Wiseman - Published 2020


Thirteen-year-old Pia Lange follows her mother through the throngs of Philadelphians gathering for the 1918 Liberty Loan Parade, unaware that the lethal Spanish flu ...Read Review

Ungentlemanly Warfare

By Howard Linskey - Published 2020



Harry Walsh is a brash, take-no-orders survivor of Dunkirk who works for the British SOE. A master saboteur and spy, Walsh is given ...Read Review

We Are Not Free

By Traci Chee - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

For two months after Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans lived in uncertain and hostile times. This culminated in the February 1942 issuing of Executive Order 9066 ...Read Review

Silver Wings, Iron Cross

By Tom Young - Published 2020



Lt. Karl Hagan is about to set out for his 35th and final bombing raid on Bremen in Nazi Germany. One more and ...Read Review

The Tea Chest

By Heidi Chiavaroli - Published 2020



Liberty or Loyalty. This is the question faced by two women—Hayley Ashworth and Emma Malcolm—in Chiavaroli’s engaging multi-period romance. Emma ...Read Review

Task Force Baum

By James D. Shipman - Published 2019



Shipman captures the tension and anxieties of a two-day mission into Germany to liberate the son-in-law of General George Patton on the eve ...Read Review