Bonnie DeMoss

The Cash Countess

By Samantha Hastings - Published 2023


1893 New York. Cordelia Jones is a carefree heiress, living a life of luxury and basking in the attentions of her best friend and ...Read Review

A Manhattan Heiress in Paris (Harlequin Historical)

By Amanda McCabe - Published 2023



1912. If she could, 11-year-old Eliza Van Hoeven would play piano all day long. But she is a New York heiress, and her family ...Read Review

The Art of Love and Lies (Proper Romance)

By Rebecca Anderson - Published 2023


Inspirational Romance

In 1857, Rosanna Hawkins is an artist in Manchester, England. She makes a living by painting reproductions of famous artwork, which her rude and ...Read Review

The Girl Who Tried to Change History

By Melissa Kaplan - Published 2023



2009: What would you do if a mysterious man sat down beside you in the park and offered you a chance to travel in ...Read Review

The Reformatory

By Tananarive Due - Published 2023


In Florida in 1950, Robert and Gloria’s father is chased out of town on false charges, but his real “crime” was asking for ...Read Review

The Wings of Poppy Pendleton

By Melanie Dobson - Published 2023



One awful morning in 1907, young Poppy Pendleton goes missing, apparently taken from her bed in her wealthy parents’ castle on Koster Isle in ...Read Review

Queen of the Union

By John Zink - Published 2022



This novel, Book 2 of the Queen of the West trilogy, is set in Cincinnati, Ohio, on the brink of the Civil War in 1855. ...Read Review

Beneath the Darkening Clouds (The Irish Fortune Series Book 2)

By Juliane Weber - Published 2022



In 1845 Ireland, Quin and Alannah have dealt with loss and heartache and have overcome difficulties in order to be together, but then the ...Read Review

Before the Storm: A Thrilling Historical Novel of Real Life Nazi Hunters

By James D. Shipman - Published 2023



1948. Sara Sturm works for the U.S. Department of Public Affairs in Berlin, Germany, as secretary to the head of the department. Despite ...Read Review

Educating Elizabeth

By Jennifer Moore - Published 2023


Inspirational Romance

Elizabeth Miller runs a much-needed school for underprivileged girls in London’s East End, but the costs are overwhelming. She reluctantly turns to ...Read Review

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