Bethany Latham

The Glass Woman

By Caroline Lea - Published 2019


Rósa Magnusdottir’s mother is ill, hungry and coughing away in the chill and mud of their croft in a late 17th-century ...Read Review

The Ghosting of Anne Armstrong

By Michael Cawood Green - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Want to entertain yourself with “Ghosting Through: Ficto-Critical Translation as a Means of Resisting the Appropriations of History and Place”? Nah, me either – ...Read Review

All Quiet on the Western Front

By Wayne Vansant - Published 2019



“This book is to be neither an accusation nor a confession, and least of all an adventure, for death is not an adventure ...Read Review

The Lost History of Dreams: A Novel

By Kris Waldherr - Published 2019


Reeling from a personal tragedy that has estranged him from his family, Robert Highstead is surprised to discover a cousin he never knew ...Read Review

Goya: The Terrible Sublime: A Graphic Novel

By El Torres - By Fran Galán (illus.) - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

The work of artist Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) runs the gamut from sedate portraits of the Spanish royal family to pornographic nudes to ...Read Review

The Hanging Psalm: A Regency Mystery Set in Leeds (A Simon Westow Mystery)

By Chris Nickson - Published 2019



This novel debuts a new series, returning again to Nickson’s ubiquitous Leeds. This time it’s the Georgian period; instead of an ...Read Review

Ella Maud: The Novel of an Unsolved True Crime Story

By Nicholas Nicastro - Published 2018



A beautiful young woman vanishes; her body is later found. The press runs wild, evidence is irrelevant in the glare of rampant media ...Read Review

Once Upon a River

By Diane Setterfield - Published 2018Published 2019



In the dead of winter in 1887, the regulars at the Swan, a pub on the Thames, sit around telling their stories, when the ...Read Review

In the House in the Dark of the Woods

By Professor Laird Hunt - Published 2018



In colonial New England, a young goodwife sets off into the woods to pick berries for her husband and child. She dawdles, she ...Read Review

The Tin God

By Chris Nickson - Published 2018



Superintendent Tom Harper chafes at the routine of administration, “trying to recall when he’d once believed that coppering meant solving crimes.” His ...Read Review

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