Beth Kanell

Hardland: A Novel

By Ashley E. Sweeney - Published 2022



Countering the notion that a Western is usually a genre book for relaxed reading, Hardland portrays the reality of working women in Arizona ...Read Review

When the Devil Comes A-Calling (A Youngblood Brothers Western)

By Ethan J. Wolfe - Published 2022



This “Youngblood Brothers Western” is the third in a series by Al Lamanda under his frontier fiction name, Ethan J. Wolfe. Brothers Emmet ...Read Review

Murder at the Majestic Hotel (A Stella and Lyndy Mystery)

By Clara McKenna - Published 2022



The Stella and Lyndy mystery series from Clara McKenna portrays Edwardian England at its most charming. As an American business heiress marrying a ...Read Review

The Deception

By Kim Taylor Blakemore - Published 2022


Kim Taylor Blakemore’s track record in psychological suspense underlies her cunning thriller, The Deception, giving a persistent darkness of manipulation and power ...Read Review

Beneath the Bending Skies

By Jane Kirkpatrick - Published 2022


Inspirational RomanceWestern

Mollie Sheehan, daughter of an aggressive Irish settler and entrepreneur, finds life in 1860s Montana adventurous and rewarding—when her father is away ...Read Review

The Second Death of Edie and Violet Bond

By Amanda Glaze - Published 2022


Children/Young AdultWestern

This historical novel of suspense provides an ideal introduction to Sacramento, California, in 1885, with the raw bustle of new American businesses, abundant scams ...Read Review

Singing Lessons for the Stylish Canary

By Laura Stanfill - Published 2022



With magical strands that sing as melodically as the canaries that the Blanchard family of Mireville, France, expect to train, Stanfill’s debut ...Read Review

The Lost Ryū

By Emi Watanabe Cohen - Published 2022


Children/Young AdultHistorical Fantasy

What Philip Pullman did for adults and young adults with his concept of the “daemon,” a linked being that nourishes the human soul, ...Read Review

The War Girls: A WW2 Novel of Sisterhood and Survival

By V. S. Alexander - Published 2022



The War Girls opens in 1939, as the middle-class Polish Jewish family in which Stefa and Hanna Majewski grew up faces Adolf Hitler’s ...Read Review

The Sky Club

By Terry Roberts - Published 2022


A love story wrapped in a Depression-era moonshine-rich and jazz-bright adventure, The Sky Club is the fifth published novel from this native of ...Read Review