Ben Bergonzi

Of Blood Descended (The Anthony Blanke Mysteries)

By Steven Veerapen - Published 2022



Located in the familiar territory of the reign of King Henry VIII, this is a notably brave attempt by a new novelist to ...Read Review

The Darlings of the Asylum

By Noel O’Reilly - Published 2022


We are in Brighton in 1886, and our protagonist, well-voiced in the first person by this male author, is Violet Pring, a talented artist ...Read Review

The Leviathan

By Rosie Andrews - Published 2022


This book starts with some beautiful writing and has a great sense of place and time. We are at the end of 1643, and ...Read Review

The Young Accomplice

By Benjamin Wood - Published 2022



A novel about architecture, ambition, crime and guilt. It takes place in the early 1950s, and is set mainly on the Surrey farm ...Read Review

The War That Made the Roman Empire: Antony, Cleopatra, and Octavian at Actium

By Barry Strauss - Published 2022



Actium, fought on September 2nd in 31 BC, is surely one of the most decisive battles in history, but until I read this book ...Read Review

The Basis of Everything: Rutherford, Oliphant and the Coming of the Atomic Bomb

By Andrew Ramsey - Published 2022



This is the story of how the partnership of two scientists—Ernest Rutherford, the son of a New Zealand farmer, and Mark Oliphant, ...Read Review

That Bonesetter Woman

By Frances Quinn - Published 2022


London, 1757, and two very different sisters arrive on the stagecoach from Sussex. Endurance (‘Durie’) is strong and big-boned, while petite Lucinda cherishes acting ...Read Review


By Susan Stokes-Chapman - Published 2022


Set during the cold wet year of 1799, in the Dickensian milieu of a struggling London shop of antiquities, this story’s protagonists are ...Read Review

Incomparable World (Black Britain: Writing Back, 1)

By S. I. Martin - Published 2021



First published by Quartet in 1996, this is a rollicking account of Black lives in London and Middlesex during a specific period in the ...Read Review

Queen of Heaven (Maid of Gascony, Book 2)

By Catherine Clover - Published 2021


This second instalment of the memoirs of Lady Isabella d’Albret Courteault starts in 1453, in South Wales after Isabella has just said farewell ...Read Review