B. N. Peacock

The First Apostle

By Katherine Pym - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

The First Apostle is a fictionalized biography of Camille Desmoulins. He was the first to envision France as a Republic and to be ...Read Review

Paris 1935: Destiny’s Crossroads

By Paul A. Myers - Published 2011


“. . . art illuminates politics . . .” says Marcelle Lambert, one of the lead characters in Paris 1935. This summarizes Paul Myers’ approach: writing used as a vehicle ...Read Review

The Minotaur’s Children

By Alan McKee - Published 2003



The Minotaur’s Children draws the reader into a nightmare maze where nothing is as it seems. Upright Victorians live in deliberate ignorance ...Read Review

The Fibonacci Confessions

By Graham Wade - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Graham Wade’s debut novel brings Leonardo Pisano—Fibonacci—brilliantly alive as a fictional autobiography. Wade, a musicologist known for his biographies of ...Read Review

Virginia Gold

By William Thomas - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Author, poet, and pastor William Thomas brings to life his colonial ancestor, John Thomas, in Virginia Gold. A gentle story suitable for all ...Read Review

Saint Maggie

By Janet R. Stafford - Published 2011



“Good ol’ Saint Maggie, offending the populace with the truth again.” Maggie’s husband, Eli Smith, says this in tribute to his wife, ...Read Review

Honored Enemy

By Culver Modisette - Published 2011



Culver Modisette’s novel presents a sympathetic story about real-life Indians. Quanah Parker is an Indian caught between two worlds and times: his ...Read Review

The Golden Cockerel: A New Odyssey

By Kenneth Allen - Published 2009


Kenneth Allen’s subtitle could also read A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Quest. Tongue-in-cheek, The Golden Cockerel chronicles the ...Read Review

The Gladstone Bag

By Ursula Ryland - Published 2011



Lush language and dreamy introspection bring Peter Herriton and the British Treaty port of Foochow to life in Ryland’s novel, The Gladstone ...Read Review

Shadows of Empire

By Alan McKee - Published 2010


Through London and Lucknow, Oxford and Cawnpore, Alan McKee’s third novel threads a labyrinth of past and present. Henry Booth has much ...Read Review