B. J. Sedlock

Sound of Distant Thunder (The Amish of Weaver’s Creek)

By Jan Drexler - Published 2018



The title reference is to the American Civil War. Being members of a peace church, most Amish do not believe in fighting wars. ...Read Review

Judging Noa

By Michal Strutin - Published 2018


Judging Noa fictionalizes the incident from the Book of Numbers and Joshua in the Bible where five daughters of Zelophechad petition to be ...Read Review

Escapement: An Exquisite Tale of Love and Passion

By Kristen Wolf - Published 2018


Henri Worth admits to being “a fool for Beauty. A ferocious connoisseur.” She is a cross-dressing housekeeper to composer Cristofer Vaughn in 19th-century ...Read Review

The Chapman Legacy

By John Neely Davis - Published 2018



The 200-page central chapter covers the 1890s through the early 20th century. Young Francis Chapman, a devotee of Western pulp novels, travels to ...Read Review

She Loves You: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

By Ann Hood - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

Trudy Mixer is the founder of the Robert E. Quinn Junior High Beatles Fan Club in Rhode Island in 1966. It started out as ...Read Review

Out of the Ashes

By Kimberley Woodhouse - By Tracie Peterson - Published 2018



The title refers to the main characters’ difficult pasts: Frenchman and ex-soldier Jean-Michel Langelier suffers from PTSD after fighting against a revolt in 1920...Read Review

Rivers of Stone

By Beth Camp - Published 2017



Evicted from her family’s land in Scotland in 1842, Catriona McDonnell is reluctant to be separated from her husband, Dougal, to the extent ...Read Review

Who Are You, Trudy Herman?

By B.E. Beck - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

Trudy Herman’s parents had emigrated as children to the U.S. from Germany in 1909.  In 1943, Trudy is a typical American teenager, riding ...Read Review

A Borrowed Dream

By Amanda Cabot - Published 2018



In 1881, Austin Goddard comes to Cimarron Creek, Texas with a secret: he’s a noted plastic surgeon from back East, but must hide ...Read Review

Under Fire

By Linda Shenton Matchett - Published 2017



In 1942 Ruth Brown watches her sister’s empty coffin being lowered into the ground. Ruth refuses to believe Jane is dead; after all, ...Read Review

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