Audrey Braver

Studio Saint-Ex

By Ania Szado - Published 2013


This story begins in 1942 and skips ahead to 1967. The heroine, an aspiring fashion designer in Manhattan, is a fictional character named Mignonne. The ...Read Review

Pray for Us Sinners

By Patrick Taylor - Published 2013


In 1973, during the Troubles in Belfast, a British army officer, Marcus Richardson, who is a bomb disposal expert, goes undercover to infiltrate the ...Read Review

Lady Eve’s Indiscretion

By Grace Burrowes - Published 2013



This is book seven in the series featuring the Windham family, set in the late Regency period. When Lady Eve was 16 she committed ...Read Review

The Imposter Bride

By Nancy Richler - Published 2013


The imposter bride is Lily Azerov, a Jewish refugee from post-World War II Europe who comes to Montreal to marry Sol Kramer, with ...Read Review

The Widow’s Redeemer

By Philippa Jane Keyworth - Published 2013



In October 1815, after two years of a miserable, abusive marriage, Lettice Burton suddenly finds herself a penniless young widow. Her mother-in-law, a recent ...Read Review

Shadows in the Smoke

By Tony Broadbent - Published 2012



It is 1949, and London is still recovering from World War II. Jethro, a Cockney cat burglar, has just scored a heist of magnificent ...Read Review

The Ugly Duchess

By Eloisa James - Published 2012



March 18, 1809, is a day that James Ryburn will remember as his Ides of March because that is the day his father ordered him ...Read Review

More than a Stranger

By Erin Knightley - Published 2012



When her brother Richard went off to Eton in 1804, Lady Evelyn Moore (Evie to her friends) looked forward to his letters. Soon his ...Read Review

The Five O’Clock Follies: What’s a Woman Doing Here Anyway?

By Theasa Tuohy - Published 2012


In 1968, Angela Martinelli, wearing a light summer dress, high-heeled sandals, and a big hat, deplanes in Saigon. Immediately, she catches the eye of ...Read Review

Flight from Berlin

By David John - Published 2012



In 1936, Berlin is ready to host the Olympics. Everything has been done to make the city appear cosmopolitan, modern, and welcoming to its ...Read Review