Audrey Braver

The Last of the Blacksmiths

By Claire Gebben - Published 2013


When 16-year-old Michael Harm leaves his home in the Palatinate in 1857 for America to take an apprenticeship under his uncle in Cleveland, he ...Read Review

The Nero Decree

By Gregory Lee - Published 2013



This story, set in Germany, begins in 1934 with the arrest of an anti-Nazi intellectual. He leaves a son, Thomas and a stepson, Dieter, ...Read Review

The Lost Abbot

By Susanna Gregory - Published 2013



In this, the 19th chronicle of Matthew Bartholomew, Matt and Michael along with their usual companions are sent as the Bishop’s Commissioners ...Read Review

Miss Molly Robbins Designs a Seduction

By Jayne Fresina - Published 2014



Miss Molly Robbins has a quiet exterior, a grim mouth, and a determination to be in control of her life. That’s why ...Read Review

Newport Summer

By Nikki Poppen - Published 2013



Gannon Maddox, Earl of Camberly, has everything a gentleman of the ton needs except the money to support all the trappings of an ...Read Review

Miss Chartley’s Guided Tour

By Carla Kelly - Published 2013Published c1989



Eight years ago, Miss Omega Chartley was left at the altar, and then her father died leaving Omega and her brother, Alpha, bankrupt. ...Read Review

Ginny Appleyard

By Elizabeth Jeffrey - Published 2013


On a bright, warm Sunday afternoon in September, 1934, Ginny Appleyard waits on a quay in a small fishing village near Colchester, England. Ostensibly, ...Read Review

Tainted Angel

By Anne Cleeland - Published 2013



Tainted Angel takes place during the Napoleonic Wars. England has employed various spies who apparently don’t trust each other any further than ...Read Review

Masaryk Station

By David Downing - Published 2013



This novel takes place in Berlin in 1948. As a double agent, John Russell works for both the American CIA and the Soviet NKVD. ...Read Review

Studio Saint-Ex

By Ania Szado - Published 2013


This story begins in 1942 and skips ahead to 1967. The heroine, an aspiring fashion designer in Manhattan, is a fictional character named Mignonne. The ...Read Review