Audrey Braver

The Five Step Plan

By Elizabeth Welsford - Published 2015


The Five Step Plan is a medical marvel. In 1829, less than ten years before Victoria takes the throne, society is beginning to tighten ...Read Review


By Ed Falco - Published 2014



Loretto Jones grew up in the same orphanage with Vincent Coll, but unlike the Coll brothers, Loretto is a true foundling; it is ...Read Review

The Viscount Who Lived Down the Lane

By Elizabeth Boyle - Published 2014



The London Season of 1810 is beginning, bringing scores of husband-hunting mommas and daughters in from their country seats. Among them are the beautiful ...Read Review

The Second War of Rebellion

By Katie Hanrahan - Published 2014


This novel is a sequel to The Liberty Flower. The heroine is Madeleine Beauchamp Ashford, a twelve-year-old orphan. As the story opens, Maddie ...Read Review

Sleep in Peace Tonight

By James MacManus - Published 2014


Despite his election to a third term, Roosevelt is not a popular president, fighting a strong Isolationist Party led by America’s hero, ...Read Review

The Unsubstantial Air

By Samuel Hynes - Published 2014



This is the story of the American flyers in World War I. Quite a few of these men entering the war in 1915 before ...Read Review

The Wild Dark Flowers: A Novel of Rutherford Park

By Elizabeth Cooke - Published 2014Published 2014-07-01



The Wild Dark Flowers is the second novel in the Rutherford Park series. It begins in 1915. Harry Cavendish, the son and heir, is ...Read Review

The Beautiful American

By Jeanne Mackin - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

The Beautiful American is a work of fiction that follows an artists’ colony in Paris in the 1920s and 1930s. While one of ...Read Review

How Dark the Night: A Novel

By William C. Hammond - Published 2014Published 2014-07-30



How Dark the Night is the fifth book in a series featuring the Cutler family, Boston merchant traders with their own shipping firm. ...Read Review

To Charm a Naughty Countess

By Theresa Romain - Published 2014



In 1819, Michael Laywood, the Duke of Wyverne, realizes he has to throw in the towel and leave his beloved Lancashire for the teeming ...Read Review