Anna Belfrage

The Dark Side of the Mountain

By Bonnie S. Johnston - Published 2014


In the mid eighteenth century, a young couple named Michael and Anna Mallow arrive in Pennsylvania, two of the many who have left ...Read Review

Whatever Happened to Mourning Free

By Yael Politis - Published 2014


This is the third instalment in Ms Politis series centred round Olivia Killion, a remarkable woman who strives to build herself a life ...Read Review

Patrick’s Journey

By Roy Humphries - Published 2014



Patrick Rourke is a young Irishman who through a series of misadventures ends up in English custody and is sentences to deportation to ...Read Review

The Great Gambler

By Claude Cueni - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

This is the story of John Law of Lauriston, a man who made his name and fortune gambling but whose impressive intellectual capacity ...Read Review

The Way the World Is

By Yael Politis - Published 2013


This is the sequel to Olivia, Mourning, and the books should be read in order – the sequel only touches upon the cataclysmic events ...Read Review

Olivia, Mourning

By Yael Politis - Published 2014


There is an interesting double-entendre to the title of this book, as it is a combination of the two protagonists’ names but also ...Read Review

The Lost Catacomb

By Shifra Hochberg - Published 2014Published 2014-03-17



In the spirit of Dan Brown, Hochberg gives us the story of committed academics who are invited to analyze the surprising discovery of ...Read Review

The Pre-Raphaelite Seamstress

By Amita Murray - Published 2014Published 2014-03-25



As its title implies, Murray’s novel transports readers to the heady 1860’s in London, a time when artists such as Rossetti and ...Read Review

Chief of the Name and Clan

By Stuart Thwaite - By Stuart Thwaites - Published 2013Published 2013-06-05



Set in the 1660s, just after the Restoration of Charles II, Chief of the Name and Clan is the story of young James ...Read Review

Fourth Crusade

By Mark Butler - Published 2012



One of the larger blots on the history of Christianity is the debacle of the Fourth Crusade, which essentially ended in April 1204, when ...Read Review