Anna Belfrage


By Jeffrey Peter Clarke - Published 2022


Welcome to the distant times of Homer, of powerful Mycenae, of Agamemnon and his brood, among them his daughter Electra. Clarke delivers a ...Read Review

The Mrs. Tabor

By Kimberly Burns - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

It is late in the 19th century, and Colorado is experiencing something of a mining bonanza. Gold, silver—men from all over converge ...Read Review

Left on a Doorstep

By Beatrice Crew - Published 2021


In 1876, a baby is left on a doorstep, swaddled in expensive fabrics and with a silver rattle. There is also a note explaining ...Read Review

The Nightmare Kingdom

By Rob Bauer - Published 2021


In the early 1530s, a group of determined Anabaptists took control of the city of Münster. At the time, religious conflict was ...Read Review

Beneath the Bonnie Blue Flag: A Novel from the de Melilla Chronicles

By Stephen Estopinal - Published 2021


There are instances when an author’s impressive knowledge about a period is more of a hindrance than a help. Instead of concentrating ...Read Review

The Thrall: Viking Saga Book I

By Sarah Myers - Published 2021



999 AD. The people of Anglia believed they were safe from Viking raiders—after all, their king had paid a hefty Danegeld to keep ...Read Review

The Printer and The Strumpet (The Misadventures of Leeds Merriweather Book 2)

By Larry Brill - Published 2021


It’s 1773, and tensions are swelling in Boston, Massachusetts. On the one side, the Sons of Liberty are becoming increasingly vociferous, demanding rights ...Read Review

The Castilians

By V E H Masters - Published 2020


Scotland, 1546, and religious tensions are rife, further fomented by the political divisions related to Scotland’s relationship with England. In St Andrews, Cardinal ...Read Review

The Mirrored Palace

By David - By Rich - Published 2020


In the last decade of the 19th century, American Lieutenant Reynolds is given the task of turning long-time British spy, Colonel Hodgson, to ...Read Review

The Travels of Ibn Thomas

By James Hutsen-Wiley - Published 2020


The world at the beginning of the 12th century is a complicated place for a child born of the union between a Christian ...Read Review