Anna Belfrage

The Saracen Storm: A Novel of the Moorish Invasion of Spain

By J. M. Nunez - Published 2019


Any Spanish schoolchild over the age of nine will have heard of the battle of Covadonga and how one man led his Christian ...Read Review

The Firefly Witch

By Amanda Hughes - Published 2018


This is the first book in a series named Bold Women of the 17th Century and is supposedly “historical fiction with a bit ...Read Review

Agricola’s Bane (Celtic Fervour Series Book 4)

By Nancy Jardine - Published 2018



Britain in the first century AD was a complicated place. The Roman Empire was determined to push its boundaries further north, and the ...Read Review

Imperial Passions: The Porta Aurea

By Eileen Stephenson - Published 2018


The Byzantine Empire of the 11th century is something of a political maze, a complicated, twisting thing where various families vie for power. ...Read Review

A Murder Most Spanish (Domingo Armada Historical Mystery)

By Jefferson Bonar - Published 2018



A young man falsely accused of murder, a dark secret that some are willing to protect at all costs, and a world-weary constable ...Read Review

Deliver Me From Evil

By T.G. Stanton - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Some people become fascinated with a period or a person and convert this passion into a project of love. This is true for ...Read Review

Britannia’s Gamble: The Dawlish Chronicles: March 1884 – February 1885: Volume 6

By Antoine Vanner - Published 2017



Some authors have so researched their period that they seem to live the events, the surroundings, the details they describe. Antoine Vanner is ...Read Review

Perception and Illusion

By Catherine Kullmann - Published 2017



Writing good historical romance is an art. While often dismissed as being light on historical details and heavy on the romance, a good ...Read Review

The Believers in the Crucible Nauvoo

By Alfred Woollacott III - Published 2017


The first few decades of the 19th century were turbulent. In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, the global economy contracted, and the ...Read Review

The Fickle Tides of Treason

By Jeremy Bennett - Published 2015


It is imminently apparent that Bennett has not only done his research but is also an admirer of his protagonist, Sir Andrew de ...Read Review