Anna Belfrage

The Printer and The Strumpet (The Misadventures of Leeds Merriweather Book 2)

By Larry Brill - Published 2021


It’s 1773, and tensions are swelling in Boston, Massachusetts. On the one side, the Sons of Liberty are becoming increasingly vociferous, demanding rights ...Read Review

The Castilians

By V E H Masters - Published 2020


Scotland, 1546, and religious tensions are rife, further fomented by the political divisions related to Scotland’s relationship with England. In St Andrews, Cardinal ...Read Review

The Mirrored Palace

By David - By Rich - Published 2020


In the last decade of the 19th century, American Lieutenant Reynolds is given the task of turning long-time British spy, Colonel Hodgson, to ...Read Review

The Travels of Ibn Thomas

By James Hutsen-Wiley - Published 2020


The world at the beginning of the 12th century is a complicated place for a child born of the union between a Christian ...Read Review

Shame the Devil

By Donna Scott - Published 2020


Shame the Devil is an ambitious novel, spanning well over a decade in the life of Colin Blackburne. Our hero is only eleven ...Read Review

1888 the Dead & the Desperate: A Story of Struggle, Passion, and Deceit

By A. E. Wasserman - Published 2019



When the bloodied body of a man is discovered in one of the seedier districts of London, Inspector Abberline takes measures to protect ...Read Review

The Three Impostors

By Ursula Janssen - Published 2020


It is 1688, and Achim Müller is travelling to Kiel together with the utterly unlikeable Pastor Mayer. For a while, I suspected the ...Read Review

The Saracen Storm: A Novel of the Moorish Invasion of Spain

By J. M. Nunez - Published 2019


Any Spanish schoolchild over the age of nine will have heard of the battle of Covadonga and how one man led his Christian ...Read Review

The Firefly Witch

By Amanda Hughes - Published 2018


This is the first book in a series named Bold Women of the 17th Century and is supposedly “historical fiction with a bit ...Read Review

Agricola’s Bane (Celtic Fervour Series Book 4)

By Nancy Jardine - Published 2018



Britain in the first century AD was a complicated place. The Roman Empire was determined to push its boundaries further north, and the ...Read Review

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