Anna Belfrage

The Tea Merchant

By Leena Bhatnagar - Published 2022


It’s July of 1773, and we’re in Boston. Tensions are mounting between the Sons of Liberty and the colonial government led by ...Read Review

The Needle of Avocation (Cuthbert’s People)

By G. M Baker - Published 2023


Set in 9th-century Northumbria, The Needle of Avocation offers something of a time-travelling experience, immersing the reader more or less immediately in the ...Read Review

St. Agnes and the Selkie (Cuthbert’s People)

By G. M Baker - Published 2022


One day, a drenched and seemingly mute young woman knocks on the gate to the abbey of Whitby. Her dark colouring has the ...Read Review

The Dawning: 31,000 BC

By Richard W. Wise - Published 2022


I recently saw a documentary about the Lagar Vehlo child, a prehistoric skeleton discovered in Portugal twenty or so years ago. What is ...Read Review

Reluctant Pilgrim

By ffiona Perigrinor - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

Margery Kempe is credited with having written the first English autobiography. Not that she wrote it herself—she did not know how to. ...Read Review

The Alewives (The Alewives of Colmar)

By Elizabeth R. Andersen - Published 2023



It took but a page or two for me to be fully invested in Gritta, one of the protagonists, in this entertaining read. ...Read Review

The Sea Denied A Sailor

By David Andrew Westwood - Published 2022



Some books rub you up the wrong way initially but grow on you as you persevere. The Sea Denied a Sailor is one ...Read Review

Siciliana: A Novel

By Carlo Treviso - Published 2022


In 1282, the Sicilian people rose in rebellion against their oppressive Angevin ruler. The Sicilians felt 16 years of Charles d’Anjou was enough. Against ...Read Review


By Jeffrey Peter Clarke - Published 2022


Welcome to the distant times of Homer, of powerful Mycenae, of Agamemnon and his brood, among them his daughter Electra. Clarke delivers a ...Read Review

The Mrs. Tabor

By Kimberly Burns - Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

It is late in the 19th century, and Colorado is experiencing something of a mining bonanza. Gold, silver—men from all over converge ...Read Review

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