Ann Pedtke

Anastasia’s Secret

By Susanne Dunlap - Published 2010


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

Anastasia Romanova, youngest daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, lives a sheltered existence within the palace walls. With little idea of the ...Read Review

Woods Runner

By Gary Paulsen - Published 2010


Children/Young AdultMilitary

  Growing up in the frontier wilderness of western Pennsylvania, 13-year-old Samuel hears little about the growing conflict between the American colonies and ...Read Review

Mistress of Rome

By Kate Quinn - Published 2010



Thea is a Jewish slave girl, brought to Rome to be maidservant to the spoiled beauty Lepida Pollia. Arius the Barbarian is a ...Read Review

Beneath the Lion’s Gaze

By Maaza Mengiste - Published 2010



1974, and Ethiopia is on the verge of revolution. Peasants starve in the drought-stricken countryside, while Emperor Haile Selassie remains sequestered in his palace, ...Read Review

The Education of Bet

By Lauren Baratz-Logsted - Published 2010


Children/Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Bet yearns to go away to school like her friend Will, but in 19th-century England girls are barred from traditional education. Will ...Read Review

Time of the Witches

By Anna Myers - Published 2009


Children/Young Adult

Salem Village, 1692. Family quarrels and neighbor rivalries promise trouble in the Salem community, but 14-year-old Drucilla is blind to the building tension. An ...Read Review

Pushing the Bear: After the Trail of Tears

By Diane Glancy - Published 2009



The Trail of Tears is over, but the Cherokee who survived the punishing winter march from North Carolina to Oklahoma must now face ...Read Review