Ann Pedtke

Left in the Wind: The Roanoke Journal of Emme Merrimoth

By Ed Gray - Published 2016


Emme Merrimoth sets out for the New World with no loyalties and few expectations. “I was twenty-five years old,” she relates, “and enjoying ...Read Review

Silver People: Voices from the Panama Canal

By Margarita Engle - Published 2014


Children/Young AdultLiterary

Fourteen-year-old Mateo is desperate to escape Cuba and an abusive father scarred by the war with Spain. The Americanos are promising extravagant pay ...Read Review

The Dutch Girl

By Donna Thorland - Published 2016


A prim schoolmistress with a scandalous secret. A handsome highwayman fighting for romantic ideals. A dangerous spy mission with the fate of nations ...Read Review

Arcadian Nights: The Greek Myths Reimagined

By John Spurling - Published 2015Published 2016



With Arcadian Nights: The Greek Myths Reimagined, John Spurling, winner of the Walter Scott Prize for Historical Fiction, makes an ambitious bid to ...Read Review

American Ace

By Marilyn Nelson - Published 2016


Children/Young Adult

Sixteen-year-old Connor has a comfortable place in his Italian-American family. He works at the family restaurant and spends weekends practicing K-turns with his ...Read Review

The Surfacing

By Cormac James - Published 2015



Lieutenant Morgan is at the edge of the known world in 1850, with plenty of worries on his mind. His captain is driving their ...Read Review

Wil Usdi: Thoughts from the Asylum, A Cherokee Novella

By Robert J. Conley - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

This book presents the lightly fictionalized biography of William Holland Thomas – an Appalachian frontier boy adopted by the Cherokee Tribe, who became an ...Read Review

Empire of Deception

By Dean Jobb - Published 2015



Since Erik Larson’s Gilded-age classic was published in 2003, any number of historical nonfiction thrillers have laid claim to being part Devil in ...Read Review

Lady of the Eternal City

By Kate Quinn - Published 2015



Kate Quinn’s masterful talents in portraying the ancient world have culminated in this fourth and final installment of the Empress of Rome ...Read Review

No Country

By Kalyan Ray - Published 2014



Brendan and Padraig, friends since childhood, know little of the world beyond their small village on the coast of Western Ireland. Brendan is ...Read Review