Ann Northfield

Pleasing Mr Pepys

By Deborah Swift - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Deb Willett is employed in the household of the diarist Samuel Pepys as a companion for his wife. She is there to help ...Read Review

The House of Shadows (UK) / Into the Darkness (US)

By Kate Williams - Published 2018



This is the third part of the De Witt family saga, the previous two installments being The Storms of War and The Edge ...Read Review

Viceroys: The Creation of the British

By Christopher Lee - Published 2018



Author of the bestselling This Sceptred Isle, Christopher Lee has now turned his attention to the British in India looking at the country ...Read Review

Sacred Music

By Felicity Luckman - Published 2017



At a time of huge divisions and distrust between Protestantism and Catholicism, Francis Trenowith, heir to an earldom, falls in love with the ...Read Review

The Butcher’s Daughter

By Victoria Glendinning - Published 2018


Agnes Peppin, the butcher’s daughter of the title, has been caught in the age-old way of young women. Forced to leave behind ...Read Review

The Cornish Dressmaker

By Nicola Pryce - Published 2018


It is 1796, and Elowyn Liddicot is young, independently minded and attractive, as is usual with heroines. When the novel opens, she is engaged ...Read Review

The Jewel Garden

By Marilyn Pemberton - Published 2018


The title refers to a type of Spiritualist belief in the novel about death and acts as a motif running through as a ...Read Review

A Gathering of Ghosts

By Karen Maitland - Published 2018



This novel is set in 1316 near Dartmoor and uses three narrators. One is the Prioress Johanne of the Sisters of the Knights of ...Read Review

The Optickal Illusion

By Rachel Halliburton - Published 2018



Based on a real-life scandal in 1797, this novel is concerned with Ann-Jemima Provis and her father, who want to present (and sell) an ...Read Review

Hotel on Shadow Lake

By Daniela Tully - Published 2018



The novel begins with Martha Wiesberg in 1990. This part is quite brief, and the action immediately jumps back in time to the same ...Read Review

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