Ann Northfield

Pleasing Mr Pepys

By Deborah Swift - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Deb Willett is employed in the household of the diarist Samuel Pepys as a companion for his wife. She is there to help ...Read Review

The House of Shadows (UK) / Into the Darkness (US)

By Kate Williams - Published 2018



This is the third part of the De Witt family saga, the previous two installments being The Storms of War and The Edge ...Read Review

Viceroys: The Creation of the British

By Christopher Lee - Published 2018



Author of the bestselling This Sceptred Isle, Christopher Lee has now turned his attention to the British in India looking at the country ...Read Review

Sacred Music

By Felicity Luckman - Published 2017



At a time of huge divisions and distrust between Protestantism and Catholicism, Francis Trenowith, heir to an earldom, falls in love with the ...Read Review

The King and the Slave

By Tim Leach - Published 2014



Leach’s previous novel The Last King of Lydia dealt with the fall of Croesus, from fabled king of riches to a slave ...Read Review

The First Horseman

By D. K. Wilson - Published 2014



Beginning with perhaps the most famous moment of the Tudor era, the execution of Anne Boleyn, which our hero Thomas Treviot, freeman goldsmith, ...Read Review

Inspector Abberline and the Gods of Rome

By Simon Clark - Published 2014



Inspector Abberline will be a familiar figure, as he was the detective who tried to find the infamous Jack the Ripper. There are ...Read Review

The Last Crusaders: Ivan the Terrible

By William Napier - Published 2014


AdventureBiographical Fiction

If anyone was wondering why or how Czar Ivan got his nickname “the Terrible”, this novel will make the reasons for this very ...Read Review

The Last Roman: Vengeance

By Jack Ludlow - Published 2014



This is the first novel in a projected trilogy, and it starts with a bang. Flavius Belisarius is in the schoolroom having a ...Read Review

Goodbye Picadilly

By Cynthia Harrod-Eagles - Published 2014



From the author of the well-known Morland Dynasty novels comes this first novel in a new series beginning just before the advent of ...Read Review

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