Ann Chamberlin

The Siege of Troy

By Marlaine Delargy (trans.) - By Theodor Kallifatides - Published 2019



During the Second World War, a boy whom we may assume is the author in memoir recounts events. Germans occupy the town, his ...Read Review


By Richard Slotkin - Published 2018


LiteraryShort Stories

The seven short stories in this collection, garnered from the family remembrances of a number of Slotkin’s acquaintances, concern that oft-covered trope: ...Read Review

A Suspicion of Silver (Sir Robert Carey Series)

By P. F. Chisholm - Published 2018



Real historical character Sir Robert Carey returns for his ninth adventure in Edinburgh during early 1593. There has been an attack on King James’...Read Review

Fortune’s Lament (Anthems of al-Andalus) (Volume 3)

By John D. Cressler - Published 2018


Set during the twilight days of Muslim Spain, this tale begins in 1488 CE; I’m immediately concerned that no nod is given to ...Read Review

The Midnight Front: A Dark Arts Novel

By David Mack - Published 2018


Historical Fantasy

In August 1939, an ocean liner carrying people fleeing the looming war in Europe for the U.S. is struck by a German torpedo—...Read Review

An Empire for Ravens (John, the Lord Chamberlain Mysteries)

By Eric Mayer - By Mary Reed - Published 2018



This twelfth book in the John the Lord Chamberlain Mystery series follows the sixth-century Byzantium sleuth as he illegally breaks his exile from ...Read Review

Bad Girls

By Alex de Campi - By Victor Santos (illus.) - Published 2018



New Year’s Eve, 1958. As dictator Fulgencio Batista flees the country and Fidel Castro stands poised to take over the island of Cuba, ...Read Review

A Hangman for Ghosts

By Andrei Baltakmens - Published 2018



New South Wales, 1829. Gabriel Carver is the convict who stepped forward to serve as hangman. He does his best to ease the passing ...Read Review

Kingdom of the Wicked Book One: Rules

By Helen Dale - Published 2018


Alternate History

Helen Dale’s first novel, The Hand that Signed the Paper, won Australia’s Miles Franklin Award; she was the youngest recipient ever. ...Read Review

The Ring of Flames

By Joan Fallon - Published 2017


Al-Andalus/Córdoba between the years of 1008 and the fall of the city to Sulayman ibn al-Hakim in 1013 AD (no nod given to ...Read Review