Ann Chamberlin

A Mischief in the Snow

By Margaret Miles - Published 2001



This mystery is the fourth in a series featuring widowed sleuth Charlotte Willett and set in the village of Bracebridge, Massachusetts shortly before ...Read Review

Wainewright the Poisoner: The Confession of Thomas Griffiths Wainewright–Regency Author, Painter, Swindler and Probable Murderer–Woven from Historical Fragments

By Andrew Motion - Published 2000



Thomas Griffiths Wainewright began life in a household of leisured literati and ended, through attempts to maintain that life, as convict number 2325 in ...Read Review

Sabriya: Damascus Bitter Sweet (Emerging voices – new International fiction)

By Ulfat Idilbi Trans. Peter Clark - Published 2003



Middle-aged Sabriya hangs herself in her family’s Damascus garden, leaving behind a book of memoirs for her young niece. This story-within-a-story takes ...Read Review

The Sand-Reckoner (Tom Doherty Associates Books)

By Gillian Bradshaw - Published 2000


Biographical Fiction

Gillian Bradshaw takes the title of her novel about Archimedes from one of the ancient thinker’s own works. It’s difficult to ...Read Review

Dorcas Good: The Diary of a Salem Witch

By Rose Earhart - Published 2000


Biographical Fiction

Choosing to tell the tale of the 1692 Salem witches as a diary written by one of them seemed like a brilliant idea to ...Read Review