Ann Chamberlin

Summer in Baden-Baden

By Leonid Tsypkin - Published 2003



The Dostoyevyskys spend the summer of 1867 at the German Kurort of Baden-Baden. Fedya, the great writer, suffers from epilepsy, the scorn of Turgenev, ...Read Review

The Friendly Persuasion

By Jessamyn West - Published 2003


Short Stories

The reader who picks this up having seen “Civil War” on the cover and hoping for tales of cannon shot and screaming horses ...Read Review

The Master of Monterey

By Lawrence Coates - Published 2003



In 1842, false rumors of war between Mexico and the United States send zealous Commodore Thomas ap Catesby Jones of the U.S. Navy ...Read Review

Red River

By P.G. Nagle - Published 2003



The Gettysburgs and Bull Runs of other novels set in the U.S. Civil War are a different theatre from this novel, set ...Read Review

The Greater the Honor

By William H. White - Published 2003



Sailing novels of Lord Nelson’s age are of deserved popularity, from Horatio Hornblower to the late lamented O’Brian’s Aubrey and ...Read Review

Gudrun’s Tapestry

By Joan Schweighardt - Published 2003



The Nibelungenlied is told in scores of versions both old, like the Poetic Edda upon which Joan Schweighardt based her version, and new. ...Read Review

Dream Weaver

By Penina Keen Spinka - Published 2003



This is the second book in a series, the first entitled Picture Maker. It might help to have read the first one, which ...Read Review

Flesh of the God

By Lauren Haney - Published 2002



During the reign of Maatkare Hatshepsut, Officer Bak is sent in disgrace to an outpost far up the Nile in this prequel to ...Read Review

Mr. Lincoln’s Wars

By Adam Braver - Published 2003


Short Stories

Not a novel in the usual sense of the word, Mr. Lincoln’s Wars consists of thirteen short stories. Insulated in characters, plot ...Read Review

Feathered Serpent

By Colin Falconer - Published 2002


Biographical Fiction

The adventurer Hernan Cortés arrives on the coast of Mexico with a handful of men, armor, horses and guns. He proceeds to ...Read Review