Ann Chamberlin

Into the Unbounded Night

By Mitchell Kaplan - Published 2020


Rome is falling from the edges inward and from the core out. The moral lessons for our own time of a falling empire ...Read Review

Against the Machine: Luddites

By Brian Van Norman - Published 2020


1812. England faces Bonaparte and a war in America. Novels from this period like Jane Austen’s can ignore this darker side as ladies ...Read Review

Blood Song (Roy & Castells Series)

By Johana Gustawsson - Published 2020



The modern setting and murder of three members of a well-to-do Swedish family are unraveled in the usual hard, dark style of the ...Read Review

Mixed Harvest: Stories from the Human Past

By Rob Swigart - Published 2019


To a series of fictional vignettes beginning with a barely verbal hominid 300,000 years ago and ending with Lugal Ibbi-Sin’s fall in 1940 BCE ...Read Review

My Red Heaven

By Lance Olsen - Published 2020



June 10, 1927, Berlin. Like the abstract blocks of color in the contemporary painting by Jewish-German artist Otto Freundlich of the same title as this ...Read Review

Lampedusa: A Novel

By Steven Price - Published 2019-09-17



Sicily, after the devastation of the Second World War. We are given the history of the last years of Giuseppe Tomasi, true-life author ...Read Review

Sensational (Spectacle)

By Jodie Lynn Zdrok - Published 2020


Children/Young Adult

In 1889, Paris hosted a world’s fair, the Exposition Universelle, for which the Eiffel Tower was constructed to form the gateway, the head ...Read Review

Floating in the Neversink

By Andrea Simon - Published 2019


Short Stories

Eighteen short stories form this coming-of-age novel focused on Jewish life in the 1950s.  The scene shifts between the everyday of school and ...Read Review

The Siege of Troy

By Marlaine Delargy (trans.) - By Theodor Kallifatides - Published 2019



During the Second World War, a boy whom we may assume is the author in memoir recounts events. Germans occupy the town, his ...Read Review


By Richard Slotkin - Published 2018


LiteraryShort Stories

The seven short stories in this collection, garnered from the family remembrances of a number of Slotkin’s acquaintances, concern that oft-covered trope: ...Read Review

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