Angela Simmons

The Crown in the Heather

By N. Gemini Sasson - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Scotland, 1290: two families vie for the throne. As Robert the Bruce becomes a true contender, his love for Elizabeth de Burgh, daughter of ...Read Review

Light on a Distant Hill: A Novel of the Indian West

By B. J. Scott - Published 2010



Ellen O’Hara, at age sixteen, is being sent west from Kansas as a mail-order bride. Before she has the chance to meet ...Read Review

Bronze Lightning

By Lindsay Townsend - Published 2009



As a trainer for the Bull Rite, Sarmatia knows the risks that come along with this dangerous ceremony. Promising to protect those who ...Read Review

The Raven Girl

By Kathy Cecala - Published 2010


Children/Young AdultFantasy

On the foggy shores of Inis Ghall, an island off the coast of Connemarra, a young girl with raven-black hair and golden skin ...Read Review

Innocence and Anarchy

By John Canzanella - Published 2010


Nikolai Bobrikov rises to prominence, becoming Governor General of Finland. He finds that his power allows him to further continue the oppressive ways ...Read Review

Tampico’s Gold

By Elizabeth Braun - Published 2010


Told in the form of a diary, Tampico’s Gold allows readers a glimpse inside Anna’s life and struggles as she is ...Read Review

Deed So

By Katharine A. Russell - Published 2010


In Deed So, we see the change that the 1960s brought about, and we witness these events through the eyes of a young ...Read Review

Balfour and the Cargo of Innocence

By D. Allen Miles - Published 2010



In this new addition to Balfour’s adventures we encounter Myles and his crew setting sail for Saint Domingue, where the ship is ...Read Review

Rebel Puritan: A Scandalous Life

By Jo Ann Butler - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

Herodias Long, a survivor of the 1636 bubonic plague epidemic that killed her father, believes that she is lucky to be alive. When she ...Read Review

The False Light

By Diane Scott Lewis - Published 2010


Countess Lisbette Jonquiere (Bettina) has been stripped of her title, left penniless and alone. On the eve of the French Revolution, Bettina flees ...Read Review