Angela Moody

Sing, Wild Bird, Sing

By Jacqueline O'Mahony - Published 2023



Sing, Wild Bird, Sing is a heart-wrenching story of the Irish immigrants of the potato famine. In 1849, we meet Honora as a young, ...Read Review

Where Coyotes Howl

By Sandra Dallas - Published 2023



Ellen Webster is a wide-eyed, naïve young woman who comes to the town of Wallace, Wyoming, in the early 20th century to ...Read Review

The Faithful Dog: A Civil War Novel

By Terry Lee Caruthers - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

Bärchen is Louis Pfeif’s hound. When Louis leaves for the U.S. Civil War, Bärchen refuses to remain home and ...Read Review

The Calculations of Rational Men

By Daniel Godfrey - Published 2022


Alternate History

In The Calculations of Rational Men, 500 British prisoners are caught in a nuclear disaster in December 1962. Forced into a WWII air raid shelter ...Read Review

The Hidden Room

By Barbara Durbin - Published 2022


Children/Young Adult

The Hidden Room follows a Ukrainian family hiding from the Nazis during the last year of World War II. Jacob, his parents, sister ...Read Review

The Orphans of Amsterdam

By Elle van Rijn - By Jai van Essen (trans.) - Published 2022



Betty Oudkerk is a young nursery school teacher in Amsterdam in the opening days of WWII. She is fearless, unafraid to offer a ...Read Review

A Matter of Happiness

By Tori Whitaker - Published 2022


I am a new fan of Tori Whitaker. This witty and engaging story is about Melanie, an up-and-coming executive in the whiskey business ...Read Review

Harmon Creek

By Thomas Fenske - Published 2022



In small-town 1930s Texas, Alvin McIntyre is the district attorney. Earl Swanger wants to defeat him. Two weeks before the primary, Earl is ...Read Review