Andrea Connell

Music of a Life

By Andrei Makine - By Geoffrey Strachan (trans.) - Published 2002



In a crowded, dreary, and frigid train station somewhere in Siberia, the narrator whiles away the time musing over the nature of the “...Read Review

The Future Homemakers Of America

By Laurie Graham - Published 2001Published 2002


In the early 1950s, organizations devoted primarily to the traditional domestic arts flourished in America. No one could have anticipated the radical social ...Read Review

Snow Island

By Katherine Towler - Published 2002


Children/Young Adult

Alice Daggett is sixteen years old in the summer before WWII. Unlike most young women her age, she lives on an isolated and ...Read Review

Swimming Toward The Ocean

By Carole Glickfeld - Published 2001



This warmhearted family drama opens in Brighton Beach, New York in 1953. Chenia Arnow, a Russian-Jewish immigrant, discovers that she is pregnant with her ...Read Review