Andrea Connell

The Dolphin House

By Audrey Schulman - Published 2022



The Dolphin House is based on the true story of the 1965 Dolphin House experiment. In this story, Cora, a young deaf woman, finds ...Read Review

The Last Garden in England

By Julia Kelly - Published 2021


Three women; three time periods. All connected by one garden. The storyline takes the reader to 1907, 1944, and the present, during which the women ...Read Review

The Woman of a Thousand Names

By Alexandra Lapierre - By Jeffrey Zuckerman (trans.) - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

This is the story of Maria “Moura” Ignatyevna Zakrevskaya, an aristocrat who—along with the rest of her social class—suffered at the ...Read Review

A Cloud in the Shape of a Girl

By Jean Thompson - Published 2018



A Cloud in the Shape of a Girl is a multigenerational story set in a small Midwestern town where three women try to ...Read Review

Not Our Kind

By Kitty Zeldis - Published 2018


A fun, absorbing read, Kitty Zeldis’ Not Our Kind takes place in post-WWII New York City. Two women of opposite social and religious ...Read Review

The Apothecary’s Shop

By Katherine Gregor (trans.) - By Roberto Tiraboschi - Published 2017



In 1118 AD in Venice, amidst famine and fear, an innocent young woman from a noble family disappears. The household scribe, a tortured ex-monk, ...Read Review


By Jerome Charyn - Published 2017


Biographical FictionLiterary

By peeling off layers of fiction to expose the facts of Jerzy Kosinski’s life, author Jerome Charyn chops through the façade ...Read Review

Celia’s House

By D.E. Stevenson - Published 2015Published c1943



A heartwarming family saga set in Scotland in the early-to-mid 20th century, Celia’s House has been referred to as a take on ...Read Review

White Gardenia

By Belinda Alexandra - Published 2015Published c2007



Belinda Alexandra’s Wild Lavender was one of my favorite sweeping epic novels, and the highlight of the year in which I read ...Read Review

The Tiger Queens: The Women of Genghis Khan

By Stephanie Thornton - Published 2014


At almost 500 pages, a book of this size could either offer a gripping tale that consumes or become a devastating disappointment to trudge ...Read Review

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