Amy Watkin

Queens of London

By Heather Webb - Published 2024


Queens of London is a whirlwind adventure through the streets of the Elephant and Castle neighborhood in early 20th-century London. Alice Diamond, also ...Read Review

The Making of Margaret Dashwood

By Carol Pratt Bradley - Published 2023


Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility is famously about two sisters: Elinor and Marianne Dashwood. Very few words in Austen’s book share ...Read Review

Jane and the Final Mystery (Being a Jane Austen Mystery)

By Stephanie Barron - Published 2023



As the title reveals, this is the fifteenth and final book in the Jane Austen Mysteries series. Readers who have been with the ...Read Review

Of White Ashes

By Constance Hays Matsumoto - By Kent Matsumoto - Published 2023


Inspired by true events in the authors’ family, Of White Ashes tells the story of Ruby, a 4th grader in Hawaii, and Koji, ...Read Review

The Benevolent Society of Ill-Mannered Ladies

By Alison Goodman - Published 2023


Twin sisters Julia and Augusta (Gus) Colebrook are as different as they could be, physically and temperamentally, and yet they are best friends ...Read Review

The Last Lifeboat

By Hazel Gaynor - Published 2023


Alice King wants to do something significant to support Great Britain during World War II. Something more than being a librarian, even though ...Read Review


By Resoketswe Martha Manenzhe - Published 2022



The Immorality Act of 1927 has just been passed, criminalizing interracial relationships and the children born of them, and many South Africans are troubled ...Read Review

Peril in Paris (A Royal Spyness Mystery)

By Rhys Bowen - Published 2022



It’s 1936, and a pregnant Lady Georgiana Rannoch is restless, eager to be at least briefly unconfined before her impending confinement. Luckily, Georgie’...Read Review

Mother Daughter Traitor Spy

By Susan Elia MacNeal - Published 2022


June 1940 has been a momentous month for Veronica Grace, who graduated from college and lost her job at practically the same time. She ...Read Review

The Mitford Affair

By Marie Benedict - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

Bestselling author Marie Benedict is back with a compelling novel about the real Mitford family in pre-WWII England. Cousins of Clementine Churchill, the ...Read Review

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