Alexandra Ceely

In the Hand of Dante

By Nick Tosches - Published 2002



This novel defies labels or even description. Nick Tosches is a streetwise tough guy and a self-taught medievalist. Nick Tosches is the author ...Read Review

A Cycle of the West

By John G. Neihardt - Published 2002


Short StoriesWestern

A Cycle of the West is a unique publication. It is an epic poem; a saga of early America; and an action-packed western. ...Read Review

The Knight And The Rose

By Isolde Martyn - Published 2002



The year is 1322 and the rebel Lancastrian forces have just been defeated at the battle of Boroughbridge. One of those men, Geraint, has ...Read Review

God’s Fool

By Mark Slouka - Published 2002


Biographical FictionLiterary

Chang and Eng were the original Siamese twins. Born conjoined in Siam in 1811, they went on to become a household word. God’s ...Read Review

Tempted By Your Touch

By Jen Holling - Published 2002



Caroline Graham is a tall woman, very pious and not very attractive, hence her nickname “the pious Graham mare.” Her brother has decided ...Read Review

Lion of Ireland

By Morgan Llewelyn - Published 2002


AdventureBiographical FictionMilitary

Brian of Boruma was the son of one chieftain and the brother of another, but he was perhaps greater than them both. The ...Read Review

La Tour Dreams of the Wolf Girl

By David Huddle - Published 2002



Suzanne Nelson is an art historian at a small university in Vermont. She is an emotionally detached woman who is hard to like; ...Read Review

Lake Wobegon Summer 1956

By Garrison Keillor - Published 2001


Gary is a fourteen-year-old boy living in Lake Wobegon, Minnesota in 1956. His family is a member of the strict Sanctified Brethren, who make ...Read Review

The Nautical Chart

By Arturo Pérez-Reverte - Published 2001



The Nautical Chart is a modern tale of mystery and suspense. Coy is a Spaniard, a career seaman who finds himself beached by ...Read Review

Guardian of the Vision

By Irene Radford - Published 2001



The members of the Kirkwood family are descended from the legendary Merlin, with powers just as legendary and just as frightening. But when ...Read Review