Alan Pearson

Children of War

By Paula Darwish - Published 2020


The 1923 treaty of Lausanne was signed after the First World War to divide up the old Ottoman Empire. The treaty stipulated that population ...Read Review


By Gerald Jacobs - Published 2020


It does not really matter that this is a story about a Jewish community living in Brixton, South London, after the war. It ...Read Review

The Literary Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Volumes 1 and 2

By Daniel D. Victor - Published 2019



A very entertaining and often enlightening read. Holmes and Watson, in their traditional Conan Doyle personas, encounter several real-life literary greats who were ...Read Review

Between Darkness and Light

By Roy Peachey - Published 2019



A tragic accident that costs young Wang his right eye is the opening scene. To the dismay and anger of his father, he ...Read Review

Breaking The Foals

By Maximilian Hawker - Published 2018



I struggled at first with the strange names and titles and an unfamiliar depiction of Troy. This is not like Homer’s tale. ...Read Review

Catherine of Braganza

By Isabel Stilwell - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

In 1640, after 60 years of domination by a succession of Spanish monarchs, the Portuguese overthrew their unwelcome masters and elected John, the 8th Duke ...Read Review

Heroes of the Evening Mist

By William Ash - Published 2018



Heroes in The Evening Mist was written in 1995 and was a sequel to another book written in 1962 called A Choice of Arms. I ...Read Review


By James Jackson - Published 2018


It is 1607, and King James I of England is courting favour with the Spanish king, Philip III, to avoid another war. However, King ...Read Review