Alan Cassady-Bishop

The Intended

By Sten Eirik - Published 2014



The seas around the West Indies in the 18th century have long held the reputation of risk and violence, riches and slavery. This ...Read Review

True Stories from World War I

By Peter Hepplewhite - Published 2014


Children/Young AdultMilitaryShort Stories

The Great War has always been an emotive subject, and it’s a difficult task to portray it with both frankness and delicacy ...Read Review

The White Rajah

By Tom Williams - Published 2014


AdventureBiographical Fiction

James Brooke, late of the East India Company, was an adventurer in its truest sense. In 1838, he purchased a schooner and sailed to ...Read Review

The Stone Bridge

By Alexander Terekhov - By Nina Chordas (trans.) - By Simon Patterson (trans.) - Published 2014



On 3rd June 1943, two bodies are found in the heart of Moscow near the Stone Bridge. It looks like a teenage quarrel and ...Read Review

Black Wreath

By Peter Sirr - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

Based on fact, Black Wreath tells the story of young James Lovett, whose life stands in the way of his father (and his ...Read Review

Lost Legend of the Thryberg Hawk

By Jack Holroyd - Published 2014



The Wars of the Roses is a period of history which is often glossed over. The lethal competition between the influential houses of ...Read Review

Lincoln’s Assassin

By J.F. Pennington - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

Subtitled “The Unsolicited Confessions of J. Wilkes Booth”, this book is interesting but not involving. It weaves known facts concerning the assassination of ...Read Review

Secret Warriors

By Taylor Downing - Published 2014



The Great War has always been known for its industrialised killing – it’s considered to be the first “modern” war, where technology such ...Read Review

The Lost King

By Alison Prince - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

1473, Ludlow Castle. Twelve-year-old Lisa becomes the maid and companion to the young Prince Edward Plantagenet, son and heir of King Edward IV, which ...Read Review

The Thief Taker

By Janet Gleeson - Published 2005 (UK)Published 2006 (UK)



After the death of her husband, Agnes Meadowes obtains employment as a cook. Working in London for the Blanchards, a family of once ...Read Review